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What are my qualifications, and what I am doing here…

So, I believe some introductions are in order.

I’m Doc Ryder, a pseudonym for one Craig Brown. I live in the Central Valley of California, and my last job was as a production artist for a school photographer. I’m single, with no children.

I started gaming back before RPGs gained much notoriety, in the late ’70’s. I met a young man we all called “Richie” in a High School Forensics class (competitive speaking, not investigative science). I was working on a speech about how, even then, Star Trek was shaping science, and Richie wanted information for a Metamorphosis Alpha game. I met with the other guys he was playing with. I thought they were nuts, but eventually I got sucked in and the rest is pretty much history.

Now, a little over 30 years later, after playing and running a wide variety of games since, I’ve finally realized that role-playing games are one of my major passions in life. It’s my plan to document that here.

I’ve run games in pretty much every edition of Dungeons and Dragons. In fact, I’ve been running a 4e game for the past two years as a home game, a table of “D&D for Kids” at my FLGS, and with the start of the new season of D&D Encounters, I started running a table at the same FLGS.

I’ve run Champions and Villains and Vigilantes and Mayfair’s DC Comics RPG, with my V&V game lasting the majority of my college years. I’ve been reading comic books since I was a kid, and supers games seemed a natural progression. I have, at one point or another, owned and/or read pretty much every other Supers RPG out there. Only in the past few years have I not been able to keep up with Supers games. Their popularity has picked up as my finances have dropped.

I’ve run a mix-and-match World of Darkness game (Vampires and werewolves and wraiths! Oh my!) and a straight Mage the Ascension game, which was probably the best game I’ve ever run. Some of these games have lasted at least three years. I’ve played and run in the Camarilla-sponsored Live Action Role Playing games, from the local to global level. Sadly, I now find myself unwilling to deal with WWGS games any more.

I won’t lie: There have been some bumps. I’m not prefect. But I have tried to learn from my many mistakes. I think I’m a pretty good player, and a pretty good DM/GM/ST. I aim to explore some of the things I’ve learned here. I have a list of about 30 topics to cover. Admittedly, as I’m so heavily involved in D&D 4e right now, that will be a substantial amount of the subject matter. However, I have been trying to find my way back to a system that will allow me to do something like Mage the Ascension without using White Wolf products. I’ve also been thinking about a couple of game concepts, like Star Wars as a fantasy game, and working out some of the kinks of that.

So, this is the “wyrd science” that I’m looking to explore, and I invite you to join me on the trip.