Kinda running late

The past couple of weeks have been a bit out there for me, especially the past seven days. After a year of unemployment, I have acquired a new job. Adapting to it has been hellish, as I’m on-call, which means I have no idea when I am or am not working. For example, I worked late in the day yesterday (even being called as I was walking out the door to be told to come in an hour later), but not at all today, and tomorrow is completely up in the air.

As you can likely guess, this is wreaking havoc with scheduling anything. And I admit, I slack off on this blog a lot. If I had a smartphone or tablet I could take with me to work, I think I might actually take some time to draft some stuff, but I don’t have those things. I have a laptop (using it now, even), but that it needs to be powered up and down, etc., it is less than efficient for carrying to work, especially when I can’t actually have such a thing at work.

So, I’m squeezing in something now. And I’m kind of breaking from my list of items to write about.


Tonight is the first night of the new D&D Encounters season. I’m not DMing this season, as I need to play. I haven’t actually played since I took up J’s table two seasons back, in August of last year. I desperately need to play, partly just to relax from the constant DMing I’ve been doing (three games; my home game, D&D for Kids at the FLGS and Encounters), and more importantly, because a good DM knows the value of being a player, too.

Without playing as a player, the DM looses their edge. They forget what makes play fun, and get too involved in the rules. The overworked DM starts forgetting what makes a game fun, and their DMing suffers, as do their players and their game.

So, back to play I go! Whoohoo!


I’ve also been following (to some extent) the squawk on the new edition of D&D. While watching the surveys, I can see the splits on responds, as well as the chatter, which seems to split pretty evenly as follows:

  • 40% want D&D 2nd ed, and vote for the response closest to that;
  • 40% want D&D 4th ed, and vote for the response closest to that;
  • 10% vote for miscellaneous other options provided.

The more I see of WotC’s flailings, the more I think they will not get the sales for this new edition that they want, and they will not “heal the community” with this new edition. They are only making things worse. So, nothing is happening in DevelopmentLand that makes me think my predictions were wrong, yet.

On the other hand, they’re so involved with the new edition that is seems their distribution system is falling apart. There are products I know are available that aren’t in our local stores. Last season (i.e. before the 5e announcement), Heroes of the Feywild was out a week early, as usual for premium stores (which we have in CSGS, but not so with the new Elemental Chaos book. However, I could see last night as I built my character for the new season that the new books content has been added to the Character Builder. Some of it didn’t make sense without the book, though. It just sort of seems that they are building for the future, but forgetting the present. Others are seeing this, too, as a couple of different friends made similar comments at this weekend’s D&D for Kids.

Way to go, WotC.


Couple of last things before I run off for Encounters…

First, I’ve started ruminating on a new campaign. It’s actually a rework of an old short-run campaign I created a number of years ago when an old gaming friend returned to town. And that short run was based on a war game idea I had been tinkering with back then. It was originally a science fantasy setting that I stripped down to make into simply a fantasy setting. I want to return some of the “science” elements to the setting. I also realized as I re-read all my setting notes that there were elements I included into the setting that I thought were cool, even though they didn’t really fit the setting. Therefore, there is a lot of editing to do. On the other hand, I don’t want to loose interest in my current home game campaign, so I’m not going to get serious about the editing and design until my current campaign ends.

I’m also looking at expanding that last post on resource management in RPGs. I need to re-read it and maybe clarify some ideas. I’m seeing it in my head, and I’m thinking that I didn’t clarify where I was going with the line of thinking I was exploring. Something to look forward to for some of you (I hope).


That’s it for this go around. Hopefully, you see more soon.


About docryder

I'm an experienced table top gamer with an open mind to new game systems. I'm looking to explore ideas I've got. Some are pretty meta, some are pretty mundane. Welcome to my world.

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