The Catch-22 Effect

So, a friend on Facebook posted up a link to this interview with Daniel Lindelof, one of the primary writers on the TV series, Lost. In it, he discusses the final episode of the series, which upset many viewers (I was not one who was upset, for the record).

or just watch the video:

especially the last four minutes of the video, in which he discusses “The Plan” versus “The Audience’s Feedback.” What he says here I thought really relates to how most good GameMasters operate. The GM dances the same dance when they run their game. You have a Plan for your story, which evolves based on the players’ actions in the game, as well as their feedback (as they are “The Audience” as well as being participants) between games. It does become something of a dance, trying to hit the right beats and take the right steps as the game progresses.

I’ve read a couple of articles on The Gnome Stew recently that discussed player feedback in literal verbal fashion, but there is also a sort of non-verbal feedback that a couple of writers discussed. Enthusiasm of players both in the game and out (in the form of emails between games, etc.), body language, etc. This adds somewhat to the DM’s workload, but every dancer must be aware of his partners’ actions, too.

Just some food for thought…


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