NaBloPoMo #2

(Posted at 11:36 PM PDT.)

So, what don’t I want from Spelljammer?

1.) Crystal Spheres and Phlogiston – While those are wonderful and historical, etc., they don’t fit the feel of what I want to with the setting. I want space travel, not cloud travel. I also don’t want to deal with tracking orbits, etc. (More on that in a minute.)

2.) The silliness – Spelljammer always struck me as a setting that didn’t take itself seriously. The Admiralty Age elves, the Giant Space Hamsters, the Giff, the goofy, animal-shaped ships… Yeah, don’t want any of that.

3.) D&D Settings – NO connections to the D&D worlds already in existence. This setting’s space is not a place that connects a lot of D&D settings like Krynn and Oerth and Toril-Abeir. It’s a separate collection of worlds within a dimension.

What do I want in my setting instead?

1.) A connected space – This goes again to the idea of a single plane which forgoes the need to cast a spell to pass through a wall into the rest of the universe.

2.) A more serious setting – I don’t want my players giggling their way through a game. I don’t want goofy creatures for comedic relief. If there is such a thing, I want it coming in from an NPC who behaves in a foolish manner, rather than a foolishly designed creature.

3.) Worlds, not planets – I don’t ever want to refer to the worlds in this setting as “planets,” and all of the worlds will fit into a system with governments that are in conflict with one another. Their may be independent worlds, but they will be monolithic in government, like in most science fiction stories.

Tomorrow, I’ll get into what elements of Star Wars I want to bring into the setting.


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I'm an experienced table top gamer with an open mind to new game systems. I'm looking to explore ideas I've got. Some are pretty meta, some are pretty mundane. Welcome to my world.

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