NaBloPoMo #4

(Posted 10:53 PM PST 2012/11/04)

So, I forgot one of the things I wanted from Star Wars my my rush to get things posted before the midnight deadline, so that will be tonight’s post subject, as I expand on the idea.

4.) Special weapons – I like the idea behind the Jedi’s lightsaber. The lightsaber is a symbol of his station as well as being a multi-functional tool. It’s simply a great little hook to hang so much on.

D&D has long been about the treasure. Only in the most recent edition has the functioning of magic items not been the source of non-wizards’ “kewl powerz.” Every fighter has wanted his rod of lordly might, etc.

Now, I don’t plan on creating rules for RoLM. The Swiss Army Knife thing is a little much to rule out. What I do what is for some article of each PC’s gear to say something about him, and to help make him special. Usually, that will be a weapon or implement. Armor is armor, unless you’re Iron Man. And in his case, guess what: it’s a weapon.

I’m also not a big fan of the Old School “what’s it got in it’s pocketses” game style. “Do you have a 10′ pole on your sheet? You don’t? Well I guess that pit trap just bit you in the ass for not having the required gear, huh?” That’s part of that whole adversarial play style I don’t care for in D&D. I got bored with that not long after high school. It’s part of the reason I don’t run traps to this day. Traps rarely serve the story.

So, part of me is thinking about doing something like the Wraith Recon. Originally published as a 4e setting, the setting assumes the PCs are part of a  fantasy special forces team that has been assigned a good deal (and a pretty much over-powering amount) of magic items to do their job. (Overpowered seems to be Mongoose’s thing, from what I’ve seen in relations to D&D.) Instead, the PCs will be associated to a knighthood which will supply they with reasonable amounts of equipment that can later be customized or improved to best express the PC’s personality, somewhat like the wishlist idea in 4e. However, what I’ll likely do is provide a limited list of possible accoutrements for the player to choose from, based on how his character is built.

Tomorrow, I’ll go into some of my ideas for these knighthoods (yes, there are at least three) and some of the other power bases as well.


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