NaBloPoMo #5

(Posted at 11:58 PM PST, 2012/11/05)

So, yesterday I left off with the orders of knights…

When I originally conceived of this idea, the knighthoods were connected to power sources in 4e. One was linked to the Divine power source, one to the Arcane power source, and one to the Psionic power source. If I stick with 4e, I will stick with these idea. These knighthoods define the national identities and have noble houses associated with them.

I sort of took a page from the Fifth Age Dragonlance stories with this idea. My original concept was of the Divine order coming first, with the Arcane following, and finally the Psionics. In this idea, Primals exist, too, but they tend to keep to their own worlds on the fringes of the “civilized worlds.”

The Divine Order is a theocracy, and in both good and bad ways. Think of them as being like Dragonlance’s Solamnics at the height of their arrogance. They are one of the sets of bad guys. Not as bad as the Arcanist, but bad enough. They’re an oppressive theocracy, by-and-large. Yes, this is some of my own personal beliefs coming through, and I will no doubt have to find a way to make them redeemable in the eyes of players. They are those who seek power from a higher power.

The Arcanists are truly bad guys. They consort with evil beings from beyond and seize power rather than beg for it, like the Divine Order does. The Arcanists do not care for those they consider beneath them, unlike the Divines. They are most like the Knights of Neraka/Takhisis. They crave power and are willing to sell their souls to get it. They seek power from lower powers.

The Psionics are most like the Jedi. They are thoughtful and contemplative, and they seek balance. They also truly care for those they protect. They’re also the smallest of the three orders, both in planets controlled and manpower. They are most like the Order of Steel from the Fifth Age books. They draw their power from within. They are secular humanists.

So, I’ve tried to develop a philosophy for each knighthood based on the beliefs they espouse and the original rules idea I had conceived, which I’ll take to other systems if need be.

But there are other threats and powers, which I’ll get into tomorrow.


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