So much for taking some time off… :-)

So, until 8AM this morning, I took advantage of the free weekend of Endless Space, a Master of Orion/Starflight (2)/Spaceward Ho! -style space exploration game. The game is beautiful to look at, but horrible to play. If there is a way to direct your exploratory vessels, I couldn’t find it. Seemed a pretty weak game to me, but maybe it’s the Mac port. Either way, I tried to get the most out of the free weekend.

While the gameplay was lackluster, I got a number of ideas out of it for StarSea. Additional factions, star travel ideas, wyrd-technology ideas, and more. It’ll take a while for me to process it all, and I’m going to look at that wiki above to see what more I can learn about the history in the game, as well as any plot (if there really is one). I’d like to know there was more point to beating my head against the wall than what I experienced.

That’s all for now. Just had to discuss my experience. 🙂


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I'm an experienced table top gamer with an open mind to new game systems. I'm looking to explore ideas I've got. Some are pretty meta, some are pretty mundane. Welcome to my world.

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  1. You really did get addicted, didn’t you. 8am? 🙂

    • Yeah, sort of. Like I said, I wanted to get the most out of the time, and to find out if there was any way to control the exploration ships, or come back from the disadvantage the game sets for the human player. That, and I had a half a Mt Dew in the car when I left. 🙂

  2. I played it quite a lot over the weekend as well (roughly 18 hrs between Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning). I liked the game a lot, but felt that Faraxis/Sid Meiers could do a lot better. I did love MoO and Spaceward Ho! back in the day, and this did a little to scratch that itch. Combat was very awkward to me, though it did seem to have a lot of potential for tactical depth. I LOVED the graphics for the systems, the universe, and the planets. My son had problems directing ships at some points too, but we were both playing on PCs.

    I felt that for the sale price of $15 I *might* pick it up, but a bit more personally to the game (especially when doing diplomacy with other races and stuff), and a sale price of $10, I’d pick it up for sure.

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