Article and Last Night’s Game

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After reading this, I thought about my recent stint of doing NaBloPoMo. I’m used to brainstorming on paper, but I spent a month trying to brainstorm on the Internet. I ultimately did very little new stuff on the project. Mostly, I just organized the thoughts I’d already had.

I think I need to go back to getting out a pad of paper and writing ideas down, at least until I can get an iPad. 🙂

So, I think I’m going to go through my NaBloPoMo posts and find what’s new in them and put it to paper (or maybe 3×5 cards).


Last night’s game included an experiment in narration. I started the game in media res. The PCs essentially started under attack. I ran one round of combat (essentially the first player to awaken got to surprise the boarders on the players’ ship), and then I went into a narrative to describe how they came to be unconscious at the beginning of the combat. I played out a second round of the combat, and then described what had happened between the end of the last game and the previous interlude.

One of the players said he liked it, and that it felt like an episode of Lost in which the action was rolling but the explanation of the current events was given in pieces inversely presented.

While I did a little railroading of the players (I’ve dropped the now-Epic level PCs into the Astral Sea), the plot has moved forward to where I need it to be to tell the rest of the story that’s coming up. I’m looking forward to giving them the clues to determine what universe shattering things they have to do by the end of the game.

If I’ve discussed this with you before, please don’t post any comments about it, as some of my players read this blog. I’ve deliberately obfuscated what I have planned, and I’d really prefer you don’t spoil the fun. 🙂


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I'm an experienced table top gamer with an open mind to new game systems. I'm looking to explore ideas I've got. Some are pretty meta, some are pretty mundane. Welcome to my world.

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