Warma-Hordes and other thoughts

So, over the past couple of weeks, between prepping for my current game and getting more items on eBay, I’ve been doing some poking around at various odds and ends. I’ve been looking around at DeviantArt regularly, finding ideas for the appearance of things in the StarSea. I’m thinking a lot about presentation as it relates to the StarSea universe. Basically, I want to be able to show players what the universe they’re characters live in looks like, and have artifacts there from, or at least images of same. Some of this is also giving me ideas for how things they carry look and function. For example, around the time of my last post, I watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, based on the computer games. One of the villains carries shortsword-sized “gunblades” (as opposed to the monstrously large ones in FFVIII), which I found particularly intriguing, having also seen more reasonably sized examples in the Iron Kingdoms as well. These are things I’ve been thinking about including for a while, as I’ve seen the idea a few times. They work with a setting in which some kind of firearms exist alongside swords (even if those firearms don’t necessarily run on fire, or even use bullets).

I’ve also been looking at flying ship images out there on the Net. A lot of what I’ve seen isn’t especially interesting to me, but they’re a start. There are two factors I’m thinking will play into the design of ships that will make them flat horizontally, rather than the vertical that most people create from. I think most people start vertical because that’s how we’re used to seeing ships on Earth. The vertical, knife-like shape makes sense for going through water. That’s how most fish are shaped, and for good reason. But a flying ship, in my mind, should be flat horizontally, like a bird’s wings, to cut through the air better. As well, this allows for tactically friendly expressions of the decks of ships. Larger, flat spaces are much more entertaining than narrow hallways (although I can see the attraction occasionally, I wouldn’t want to use that configuration often).

Also, tonight I got a chance (or made time for, depending on your point of view) to play Warma-Hordes (as the nickname goes). This was nice, as I also more or less got a chance to see the Iron Kingdoms RPG in play, at least for combat, as both games use the same combat systems, by and large. It plays very quickly, and I like that.

Finally, the past couple of days I’ve manage to get a hold of an anime series called “The Tower of Druaga.” It seems based on a video game by the same name. The last couple of episodes gave me some ideas on how to handle villains, particularly solo Big Bads. In the series, like most video games of the arcade-ish variety, the villain Druaga had to be battled a couple of times while the heroes figured out how to beat him. I’ve now seen this a few times, in which you kick the crap out of the villain, then fight him again, in a different form before you finally defeat him (you see it a lot in Zelda games). While I don’t want the players in my game to feel they are banging their collective heads against a wall, the idea that the villain ends up transformed y his apparent defeat to be battled in a new form again before he is defeated in intriguing to me, and something I think would fit my current game. However, with 4e, I think I can work it out as a function of the bloodied system. I used a leveled up version of a creature from “Threats from the Nentir Vale,” Calystryx. Calystryx, to the uninitiated, is a three-headed red dragon, who once she’s reduced to X HP (I don’t remember if it’s bloodied or lower, she sprouts a fourth head which immediately attacks, and increases her number of attacks and opportunities to breath fire. I’m thinking something like that might work, but with a more pronounced transformation, and maybe a delay sufficient that the characters can take a short rest, if necessary. It’s something I only clicked into today after catching the final episodes, so it may take me a while to workout the mechanics, or it may be something I save for StarSea.

Well, it’s now late (or earlier, depending on your point of view), so I’m calling it for this post. Laters.


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I'm an experienced table top gamer with an open mind to new game systems. I'm looking to explore ideas I've got. Some are pretty meta, some are pretty mundane. Welcome to my world.

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