Life has been a mess…

So, no, I have not blog-faded. Since my last post, I’ve had a pretty hectic life, which goes to explain why I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. My mother’s health problems have created a good deal of distraction from many things in my life. She’s needed someone to wait on her, as she hasn’t been able to get up and do things for herself often, so as I’m home so much of the time, that gets to be me. However, she’s been to the hospital now, and her problems have been determined and a course of treatment set in, but that means trips to the hospital and rehabilitation center, etc.

On the other hand, I have gotten some things done for StarSea, just not much.

I’ve mentioned settling on the way the world systems will work, and how the StarSea Giants will live. I’ve done some design work on how the Giants will look. Since I’m going to a more traditional fantasy look for the suns and moons, I’ve decided to do the same for the Giants. Tall, lanky and humanoid, with long, thick-featured faces. I think this is a good direction, but it makes me wonder what kinds of beings the Ür were, to create creatures that are humanoid in shape. Hmm…

I also gave some thought to the Primals, but only in that I am thinking about how to make them unified, rather than building a separate Primal philosophy for every world that the Primals control. “Why do that?” you might ask? Well, because the amounts of work it may take to make a setting might otherwise become prohibitive for a single person to write. And at this point, unless I win the lottery, this has to remain my project; I can’t afford to hire help, and I wouldn’t expect anyone else to do it for free.

I also remembered something I forgot about last time, regarding the setting themes versus a game system. One of the strikes against 4e (and D&D in general) is the lack of focus on philosophy. The StarSea’s themes are potentially very philosophical. Something I’ve picked up from Mage the Ascension that I want back in a setting, but maybe not as deep. MtA is about the different major factions trying to sway humanity to their way of thinking. I want some of that in StarSea. However, I don’t think any game system out there deals with this sort of thing. Maybe some of my Indie Game fans know of systems that have a way to sway societies. I know Mike Nystul (creator of The Whispering Vault) was planning a game called Crusade that did that sort of thing, but he gave up on that way back in the mid-90s, never publishing it. But I want to be able to do something along these lines. I may have to develop some sort system of my own to deal with this sort of influence.

That’s all I have for tonight. I’ve been dealing with a bad back the past couple of days, and I want to go rest. Thanks for your patience while I work out writing more frequently. I fervently want to. I’m just having trouble getting there. On that note, I’m going to try posting on Sundays. I started on Tuesdays because I started on my birthday, which was on Tuesday that year. I’m switching to Sundays because I tend to have more free time on Sundays. Hopefully that will help me get these out more regularly.

Again, thanks for following my irregular posting.


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I'm an experienced table top gamer with an open mind to new game systems. I'm looking to explore ideas I've got. Some are pretty meta, some are pretty mundane. Welcome to my world.

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