This Week’s Thoughts

I ended up only working a couple of days this week, and was busy the rest. I didn’t get as much thinking in as I would have liked. But there were some notes made…

One of my first thoughts this week was the linkage between the undead and hunger. Ghouls and vampires both have horrific appetites, mythologically. As the undead in the StarSea are the result of Corruption, I started thinking that, if I include these particular undead (maybe even to the exclusion of others), a linkage might exist between Corruption and Hunger. I was also spurred to the thought that certain races might exclusively be transformed to specific types of undead (for example, ghouls might rise from corrupted elves), but I’m thinking that will not become part of the setting, or it will be a limited part, a set of possibilities. I think it’s a little limiting of my options if it’s the only way these transformations happen.

I couldn’t find the Guild Wars 2 articles I was looking for, except one, a video about the Sylvari. The Sylvari are akin to being the elves of Guild Wars 2, but they’re a plant-based race, with plant matter forming humanoid parts. Unlike the 4e Wilden (which I personally detest, along with the Shardminds), the Sylvari look fully humanoid. That was one of the ways the developers of GW2 shook things up and change expectations. And it took me a while to start breaking up my thought process and consider some other possibilities.

One of the first things I thought about was who the elder race should be. For a long time, I’ve thought that an elf-like race should be the elder race. That’s what’s always been done. So I’m thinking I’m going to shake things up. For clarity, when I refer to elder races, I’m referring to races that seem to have a better foothold on what’s going on in the setting than other races. Some few have used giants, and that’s a possibility I’m considering. Or I may go a different route. It depends on what I do with the ancient history.

I did do some writing down of my ideas on that. I’m thinking that said history needs some more work. I wrote up a chunk of it this week, but I’m thinking it needs some editing. I’m just not happy with some of what’s there. Some of what I wrote this week just isn’t as strong as I want it.

Anyway, that more or less covers last week. I’m beat from a trip to Santa Cruz yesterday, and work comes early in the morning. I’ll have more for you all next week, if not earlier.


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I'm an experienced table top gamer with an open mind to new game systems. I'm looking to explore ideas I've got. Some are pretty meta, some are pretty mundane. Welcome to my world.

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