History and Prehistory

So, last week I had a full day in one of the rental offices, and it was very slow, so I got in a lot of time to write. In fact, I burned out on writing that day. I filled about a quarter of the little notepads I carry around with me to work. And I wrote out a good sized chunk of my prehistory. That is, I have what was going on in the StarSea before the coming of the Ür and what happened after they did, and through to their fall. I needed this, at least in my own mind, to explain the source of intelligent humanoid life throughout the StarSea. I needed to know why the Ür did what they did, and what caused them to fall. Now I just need to merge that to the history that moves forward from the Fall of the Ür to the present.

I also realized I’m still in the play phase of creating; I’m still throwing ideas at the wall and seeing what sticks, at least to me, and at least in the realms of details. I want the world to be pretty solid in its construction, so that the the criticisms on publication are minimized.

The historical stuff came from trying to settle on races. So far, I’ve got five races I’m pretty happy with, and four others that I have yet to develop into more than just a sketch. I’ve got humans (as typical), dragonfolk, “squats” (not final name, your basic dwarves, but less beardy and more armored), “gnomes” (so far taking some from the dromites of 3.5 and some from the tinker gnomes of DragonLance), and “Starborn” (a tall, willowy race that lives in the StarSea almost exclusively). The other ideas include trolls (in a more classic sense), a warrior race (like 4e half-orcs, but since there will be no orcs…), maybe something like a tiefling or dranei, and maybe a were-race like the shifters. All of the races are going to be touched by the Ür somehow, even humanity. The actions of the Ür are going to explain the origins of races full weres, goblins, doppelgangers and such.

I also know I’ve got to start giving some thought to how society works outside of the Orders. I’ve been pretty focused on that for a while now, but eventually I’ll need to expand beyond that. I’ll need politics and crime and economics and all the fun stuff that makes the setting more real.

That’s all I’m going to discuss tonight, I think. I’ll have more next week, I’m sure…


About docryder

I'm an experienced table top gamer with an open mind to new game systems. I'm looking to explore ideas I've got. Some are pretty meta, some are pretty mundane. Welcome to my world.

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