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Kinda more of the same…

So, last week was really a lot more of the same.

I’ve been slogging through Numenera. It’s been a slog mainly because I don’t have a way to read PDFs on the go, and the Numenera book is a beast at 400 pages. On the other hand, I spent last night combing through DeviantArt, which kinda sparked some ideas for armor and vehicles, so it wasn’t a total waste of time.

I’ve also started to become more frustrated with 4e as a DM. I’m feeling cranky about the tactical nature of the game, as a DM. I’m okay with it as a player, just not as a DM.

A couple of weeks ago, my Living Forgotten Realms character got killed, dead-dead, and then resurrected. I got inspired to build a new mini last week, and then got called into work. I got the mini built and primed by Friday afternoon. I was a little disappointed that our game was missing a couple of players, so we really didn’t get to explore how that impacted my character. I’ve decided he’s gotten a bit darker, and his powers have changed just a hair (his wizard multi-class powers have taken a turn towards the necrotic… 🙂 ). I’m going to start painting him tomorrow, provided I don’t get a surprise call into work again.

This weekend was my 50th birthday. Took a trip to San Francisco, and did nothing gaming related but managed to read a few pages of Numenera in the car on the Boy’s Kindle Fire. Man, I want an iPad. Hopefully, I’ll be able to start saving for that soon.

It’s also been two years since I started this blog. I’m short of one post a week by about 5 posts, and that’s been helped by NaBloPoMo last year. Of course, when I started, I only planned on posting bi-weekly, so I’m ahead of the game, technically. I will be trying to do NaBloPoMo again this year, but I have no idea how focused I’ll be…

All I have for this week. Later.


Not much going on…

According to John Tesh and his “Intelligence for Your Life”, I probably need to sit around in a green room with high ceilings. Supposedly, those things are good for creativity.

Still not feeling particularly creative. Had today off, after a straight week of work, and did nothing related to the StarSea. About the only thinking on the StarSea I’ve done is a bit about what my percentages of old versus new are going to be.

This idea comes from an artbook I’ve got from Disney on the designs of Treasure Planet. In the design of that movie (according to the book), they decided on a “70/30 rule.” Seventy percent of the look of any item was to be Age of Pirates, 30% was to be futuristic. Thus, they had sailing ships with solar sails and rocket engines, laser muskets, and Long John Silver’s pegleg and crutch are cybernetics, etc.

I like this idea, but I may swing the percentages. Right now, I’ve begun vacillating on where those will be. I think I need to be consistent, but I’m not sure where I want it, or if some items shouldn’t be one way or another at all. For example, I don’t want any actual treads on vehicles. Maybe wheels that look like treads, but no actual treads. Not sure when those were invented, but a quick search on Wikipedia shows 1770 to 1830, depending on definition. Quite a bit later than I want the feel of my setting, even though I plan on blaster guns (large cylindrical crystals with a pistol stock) and computers (“thinking golems”?) and starships. Tanks will be based on the war wagons of the Hussites and Bohemians, and Leonardo’s tank. But my feeling is, many of these technological devices need to look fantastic and medieval, not modern.

I may, at this point, be simply rethinking things I’ve already made up my mind on, and I’m just adjust details in my head. I thought of the “treaded wheels” for the tanks sometime this weekend, and I’m not sure why.

Anyway, that’s about the sum total of that. I have gotten a little deeper into Numenera, but not significantly, though. I think I need to start skipping around in the book. I’ve focused too much on the character creation section and reading all of the “character foci” too get into the rules themselves, but I finally got there, today.

Okay, now I feel I’m rambling. I’ll see you all next week. Thanks for reading, you few who do…

What I did last week…

Yeah, I missed last week.

I saw something on the news a couple of weeks ago that reported that worrying about personal finances “drops a person’s IQ by as much as 30 points”, or some such. Basically, such worries preoccupy the mind, and keep a person from being able to concentrate on other things.

Well, work (or lack thereof) has been on my mind a lot lately. I’m getting fewer hours even though we just passed a holiday (which actually increases available work for me), and while we all recently got a raise, I’m barely making enough to get my basic bills paid. I’m trying to figure out how to raise the money I need to get past the middle of October (when my car’s registration and insurance are due) without robbing a bank (to be facetious). That means more job hunting (largely fruitlessly) and less daydreaming about the StarSea.

Because of this stress, I haven’t been thinking on the StarSea much. Before Labor Day, I firmed up my ideas on the nature of demons and gods and other metaphysical things. I also did some writing on the First Empire and it’s fall, which leads to the origins of the Undead.

Otherwise, my hardcopy of Numenera came in just before Labor Day, and I’ve been reading that slowly every night before bed. It’s my little bit of decompression at the end of the day.