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Anti-Social Media

I feel kinda crappy (I think I’m getting a cold), so I think I’m gonna go light.

I did some work on species. I don’t think I’m going to have as many races as I originally planned. The older versions of the StarSea haven’t been especially biologically diverse, and I’m thinking it will make my life a lot easier to only have to build and find places for five or six races, rather than 10 or 12. I’m also working on their appearance/aesthetic, doing some sketches when I can.

The biggest news is that I’m taking some time away from social media. For a while now, I’ve barely followed anything on Google+. I’ve only met a handful of the folks I’m friends with there, and the rest are gamers, mostly of the Old School Renaissance faction, which sort of makes my posts meaningless to them.

Facebook has become a vast time sink. I find so many interesting articles that I really don’t have time to read, as well as videos to watch and so on, that I don’t have time for more productive things. I haven’t been on Facebook since last Thursday, and I really have no desire to go back, at least for a week or so.

So, for now, both sites are going to simply be promotional sites for this blog, for me. If you’re a Facebook friend, read this blog and think there’s something important I need to see, feel free to tag me. Otherwise, I wont see your stuff, for at least another week.



100th Post!

I’m kinda stuck for a title, so here we go again with a nothing title that has little to do with the actual post.

After my post last week, I did some more sketching of items in the StarSea: gun-wands, the war-carriage, etc. At about that point, I filled another notepad. When I fill one notepad, I’ve started indexing them by date, so that I know what I wrote, when. In doing this, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to start transcribing some of what I’ve written, and prepare it for editing. I think a lot of my historical stuff is pretty much complete. I think I’m going to break that history into segments, with a narrative voice for each section corresponding to one of the factions.

I’ve also created my template for the “Twenty Questions” faction write ups. I already know the answers to those questions, at least in part, it’s just a matter of actually filling out the template for each faction. I also did “socio-grams” for those factions, crystalizing each factions feelings towards the others. I’ll be including guidelines to say that these will be the starting points for interactions between PCs and NPCs.

While this may not seem like much, considering how little I’ve done over the pas couple of months, this has been quite a leap forward. Hopefully, in the next few weeks, I’ll be getting some of my notes transcribed and start getting this setting in shape. I’ve been giving a little thought to races today, and maybe I’ll get more in this week or next, and get some decisions made on those soon.


“So, let me tell you about my character…”

Last week, I missed my posting schedule. After having to take a day off work to help around the house, I ended up not getting called in for another two days. So, I was focusing more on job hunting during my free time than blogging. It doesn’t help that we got to discussing our next campaign in my home game and I got fired up about a change in concept.

This week, I’m making the time to post.

I have gotten in some work on StarSea. When we last spoke, I was working on how a “war wagon” would work. Part of what I figured out was what I really wanted. While “war wagon’ has a nice alliteration and cadence and “screen presence,” that doesn’t match with my concept or the historical realities. I got to poking around on both DeviantArt and the Google Image searches, looking at pictures of a variety of vehicles associated to war and wagons.

My concept of these vehicles has a lot in line with the Delta Flyer from Star Trek: Voyager. Something that could almost be a home away from home for PCs. While that’s not working out (that will become the function of the longboats), it did give me a start. I tried looking for magic and fantasy tanks, most of which directed me to a lot of WH40k vehicles and the occasional WHFB Steam Tank. Not what I wanted. Nor were historical war wagons (more like rolling gun emplacements) or the John Wayne movie of the same name. Eventually, I started looking at carriages, and finally I got to a look that was more what I want. I still need to detail the exterior, but I have the internal arrangement and general layout the way I want it. Details come next.

This is important to me as it’s part of the look and feel of the game, at least in my mind. Longboats won’t be able to land in some parts of the worlds PCs will be exploring, and that will require vehicles to get them to more remote spots. This fills in one of those details.

As I said before, I also started tinkering with a new version of my character for our next campaign in our home game. I’ll be ending my long running campaign in January, and then be taking a break from regular GMing for a while. One of the other guys wants to run a game set in the Moonshae Isles in the Forgotten Realms. I want to play around with 4e Psionic Powers, so I was planning on playing a Battlemind/Ardent MC, which was a slightly rebuilt version of a character I played one season for Encounters. But at our game two weeks ago, one of the players was commenting on changing her character concept from a Runepriest to a Fighter. My first impulse was to add another striker (a warlock), but I’m the sort of player who likes to cover bases, and we had a large enough compliment of ranged types (including an archer warlord), so I nixed the warlock idea. Then I remembered the multiclassing I had cooked into the character anyway, so I decided to rebuild the same concept as an Ardent. So, at least some of my time has been spent researching powers and feats for that character. I really think it will work better in general with the rest of the party.

I finally got through the bulk of the rules in Numenera, and I do like the game. At some point, I need to run it, and get a feel for it. I also want to run a couple of other games on short term, so I’ll be trying to work that in, once the current game is closed.

That’s really all I have for now. Laters.

Drawing vehicles

So, something got under my skin and I started trying to draw some of the vehicles of the StarSea.

There are four I’m focusing on right now. Steeds (robotic grav-cycles in the shapes of legless horses), chariots (basically similar to Luke’s speeder in Star Wars: A New Hope), war wagons (armored personnel carriers with weapons), longboats (orbit to surface transports that will hold one war wagon and a squad/PC party), and carriers (which take the longships from world to world). I’m trying to figure out how big each is in relation to the others, especially as the longboat and the carrier need to be able to contain one (or more) of the smaller vehicles inside.

I’m kinda working off the 70/30 idea I mentioned a week or so ago, but instead of Age of Pirates, like Treasure Planet, I’m going a bit further back, but with a lot of the same ideas.

I don’t really have time for much more, as I have to be back in the saddle in the morning. I expect in a few days I’ll have jumped back to some other incomplete portion of the setting, like races. 🙂