NaBloPoMo 2013 Day 16 (late)

So, just finished watching Man of Steel with the Smalls. I have to say, this was a much better movie than I expected. Maybe a little too much collateral damage (which I’ve always loved, to an extent), but a pretty decent version of the Superman story. Even the ending, which I’d gotten spoiler-ed on, was handled better than I thought it would be. I also liked the super-speed combat (something I don’t think they handle in the comic books properly), but it was pretty hard to follow and looked a bit too computer-game-y. And it was nice to see Jor-El as a bad ass, rather than just a scientist who saves his son. Good flick.

I finished the DMing chapters in Numenera this morning, and I think I’m now going to go back and read the setting stuff. I jumped over it, as I’m not really ever expecting to run it in the provided setting. I’m thinking I do want to run it in the canned setting, at least for a few sessions, probably at the FLGS. Then I might repurpose it, or see how The Strange might work.

I’m also thinking I want to make some characters for some of the games I’ve found myself interested in over the past couple of years. I have some characters built for Bare Bones Fantasy, but I need to do some for Savage Worlds, FATE, and Numenera (and any others I feel I’ve missed). And I want to run short games in all of these rules, playtest style, adding what I consider to be a fair amount of experience each time, to see how each game handles higher level play.

That’s pretty much all I have for tonight. Later.


About docryder

I'm an experienced table top gamer with an open mind to new game systems. I'm looking to explore ideas I've got. Some are pretty meta, some are pretty mundane. Welcome to my world.

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