Things picking up…

My work week was better this week. I worked nearly 30 hours, which helps balance for the skimpy week prior. On the other hand, I also had plenty of time to read while riding.

As I said to someone the FLGS RPG Meetup on Saturday, FATE has proven to be a really interesting game, so much so that I’ve been reading every book I’ve gotten a hold of cover to cover with speed. Savage Worlds, Numenera, a couple of others, have just not grabbed my interest like FATE. Something has stopped me up with both those games, as well as others. Some rules hang up, or finding myself in a dull chapter, or something along those lines.

Now, FATE isn’t perfect. I’ve got my own confusions and concerns, and I’ve read some criticisms of the system. Most of them aren’t balance issues. In fact, as far as the dice are concerned (and most of the criticisms), the game is almost too balanced. So, I’ll go in knowing the problems ahead of time, if I choose to use it for my game.

My biggest concern is the kids. I have to young children in my usual game group who won’t be as accepting of the idea of “failing forward,” which is very present in FATE. I also think they’ll have a lot of trouble with the idea of aspects being two-edged swords. This would be my major road block for using FATE.

Needless to say, outside of thinking about how the rules of FATE would work to build the StarSea in, I haven’t given the StarSea itself a lot of thought lately. Too much reading, in a good way. I still want to dig through the FATE books a little more, and read a few other systems, as well as another examination of the Chainmail rules that came out in the D&D 3.0 Era, and the D&D 5e playtest, before I make a final decision. I think once that’s done, I’ll be ready to start really writing material for a campaign and world book.

That’s all I’ve got for now. It’s late (or maybe early?), so I’m heading off. Later.


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I'm an experienced table top gamer with an open mind to new game systems. I'm looking to explore ideas I've got. Some are pretty meta, some are pretty mundane. Welcome to my world.

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