On Dungeon World…

So, I’m back, much more rested, rather than how I was the other night when I wrote my last post. I’m ready to write some more. I need to write more.

In looking at things I’d touched on the other day, I decided I’d start with Dungeon World, even though FATE has been more on my mind. I simply feel it’s a better subject to start with.

I’d start with the GameMaster, but outside of feeling he did a fine job, I don’t have a lot of commentary to make about him. With one exception, and this may be a rules issue. He said there wasn’t an initiative system in the rulebook. As I haven’t read the book yet, I can’t say he’s wrong. However, it’s not a surprising idea, and I personally don’t care for that kind of a rule.

I’m typically a polite player. If someone starts speaking before me, I’ll wait for them to finish. With an initiative-free system, those who are louder or more talkative get more screen time, and more actions. Because without initiative, and a “players only roll, GM reacts” system, whoever speaks acts, and they can continue until the GM decides to stop them. Our GM did a fair job of that, eventually realizing that some of the players were dominating play, but that initiative is not mandated, I could easily see some players eventually becoming very displeased with the game.

A personal issue I had is one that comes from what I can only dub “Con character creation.” We created our characters on-site (the quarterly RPG meetup at our FLGS). Character creation is easy and quick. However, our characters were created at higher level and our choices didn’t come from organic growth, just what we felt interested in. I made my character a buffer almost totally, which led some of my actions being wasted. The buffs I could throw only lasted one action, and there were times I threw buffs on characters who couldn’t or didn’t attack (none of my buffs were defensive). So, the powers available based on class are extremely limited, but also extremely effective. I was able to create some massive damage bonuses with the way powers stack.

For my purposes though, I think the system is some what lacking, and maybe a little too crunchy. There are “moves” (the DW jargon for “powers”) for setting up camp and other mundane actions. The classes are d20 standards, which I’m not crazy about. The bonuses are based on Moldvay Basic D&D, but that works for a 2d6 system. Sadly, it makes the 3-18 spread even more useless than recent editions of D&D. Everything for any character class is on that class’s specific character sheet, except the spell casting classes spells (which live on additional sheets). It’ve very compact in that respect.

At some point, I want to really read the game. I don’t know that I’ll be using it ever (in fact, I sincerely doubt it), but I’m interested in that “no-initiative” rule, as well simply exploring different rules sets. It seems it’s been very popular right for quite a while on DriveThruRPG, and I’m sure it’s perfect for some players and GMs. I just don’t think it’s my cuppa.

On a different topic, the Boy is looking to play some kind of Warcraft-like game, so I might be delving into board game design with him. I’m going to have to ask him more questions regarding what it is exactly he wants to do. It may be that he wants me to play an online game. If that’s what we’re doing, than life will be a lot easier. 🙂 Otherwise, board game design may become a topic of discussion on this blog.

That’s all I have on that for now. I’ll be working tomorrow, and I doubt I’ll be posting afterwards. But I’ll be questioning a Boy on what we’re doing, and letting you all know hat’s going on.



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I'm an experienced table top gamer with an open mind to new game systems. I'm looking to explore ideas I've got. Some are pretty meta, some are pretty mundane. Welcome to my world.

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