On Driving

Last time, I mentioned that the Boy wanted me to create a game for him. I got clarifications on some of his ideas, and I was correct in my assessment that he wants a board game version of WarCraft, with a little Minecraft mixed in. So I dug out my BradyGames strategy guide to WarCraft III and started looking at how the game works. I’ve never really played it. I played the previous two games, StarCraft, and the III demo, but I never took the time to dig into the actual WarCraft III game itself. However, I understand the basics. It’s economics control, basically, at least as far as the Boy will be concerned, especially as I’ll be avoiding trying to handle things as a real-time game. I’ll be doing turns, which we’ve agreed will be a month each. I may add in some seasonal rules, but I don’t know. He doesn’t seem to want a whole lot of simulation.

I was trying to use the free version of Hexographer to make a map for the game, but the random nature makes me hesitant. I know I could edit the result, but I’m not sure I like the results. I plan on taking some time to read the docs for the program, but ultimately, I think I’ll do my own. As implied by the program choice, I plan on using a hex map, and I already discussed this with the Boy. I’m probably also going to use a megahex system, too (That is, each hex on a big map will be represented by six smaller hexes on a more refined map). And eventually, I’m sure I’m going to have to make tokens and things for gold and wood and people (workers and soldiers). As well, I’m going to be working on three other races (he’ll be playing elves while I’ll be creating dwarves, humans and dragonmen) to vex the Boy with. However, I’ve already figured out that I’ll be building things as I need them, so I should be keeping myself from being overwhelmed too quickly.

I’ve started trying to complete the Savage Worlds Explorer Edition rulebook. I stalled out about the time Numenera came out last year. I need to start making characters for some of these games I’m explore. I did some for Bare Bones Fantasy, and I wasn’t especially enthusiastic about the results. Even though you can pretty freely mix-and-match classes (since classes are skills), I felt the results were pretty blah. I think it relates to the Old School mentality that PCs shouldn’t be especially skilled when the game begins. That also seems typical of percentile based games, and I’m not sure why that’s so. I remember my PCs in the old FASA Star Trek game weren’t especially skilled at creation, either.

I like that in many modern games, characters seem skilled. Our characters in our new 4e home campaign feel competent (even if my character did get KO’s last time). And I like that SW and FATE characters seem competent, too. I want that in my games now.

Which kinda brings me to driving. That’s what I do for a paycheck currently (note I did not write “living”). I’m a transporter for a major rental company. You can find out which one from the Facebook link in the upper right corner of the page. Driving is one of those things I feel fairly competent doing, even though I started driving fairly late (I was over 25 when I finally learned to drive). Most of the time, driving for work is just short hops around town, with plenty of traffic to dodge and no time to become engaged in the process of driving. You’re simply trying to get from one place to another.

But occasionally, we do a long haul on the right roads at the right time. Yesterday was one of those. We had to move a few cars down to Hanford. Our usual route is Freeway 99 to Highway 43. Yesterday at 9:00 AM, 43 was mostly clear once we got past Selma and the old man who was having difficulty figuring out where he was going. Then, the trip became almost magic.

This seems to happen on straight-aways for me. You get out on a straight-away with little traffic around. Our cars are pretty well maintained, especially the alignment. All of us use cruise control (typically), so really, all the driver is doing is making sure the car doesn’t hit something that causes it to weave in the lane, which is a pretty minimal load on the cranium stuffins. For some amount of time, you’re free to just let the car do it’s thing and let your mind relax and enjoy the passing of the countryside. I usually turn the radio on as soon as I’m in the car, listening to my favorite local channel most of the time, but occasionally turning on SiriusXM, which is in many of our cars, and listening to Channel 25, ClassicRewind. (An aside: They call their channel “Music from the second generation of rock legends,” and “the Cassette Era.” Makes you feel old when your high school music is now considered “classic.”) You end up just rolling along, enjoying the ride.

Until you encounter traffic again and your mellow gets harshed. No good thing can last forever, it seems. But it’s getting to drive around like this, on the company’s dime, that makes the job fun. If I were like the rest of the old guys that do this job, with an outside income, I think I’d just about have no complaints (except for the folks who can’t leave their religion or politics at home).

Well, it’s gotten late, and I’m pretty much done with these subjects for tonight. Later.


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