The past couple of weeks have been hard. After I got sick, my mother got sick, which resulted in two different trips (and stays) to the hospital. I have had issues with my paycheck, my car, and work. Work has actually been very busy, with all the GMC auto recalls, but I haven’t had much free time while there. Most of my time has been spent driving has been short, local runs from various locations to dealerships. Between all of these things, I’ve been a bit stressed and a bit distracted. And frankly, there have simply been days I’ve either been too tired or whatever to post. My reminders to post have come up, and I’ve delayed and delayed, until I simply decide it’s too late to post this week. These are terrible habits, I know.

Most of my writing has been on Wednesdays. I’ve gotten off early the past couple of Wednesdays, and I drop by the FLGS to wait for my Living Forgotten Realms game, and write while I wait. It’s kind of been convenient, but it is limited. I only get a couple of hours in, rather than the amount I have gotten in the past. I make do with what I can.

The FLGS recently started selling individual Pathfinder Battles minis, and I found one that I had to have, as it’s a perfect fit to the StarSea. Here’s the image of the figure:

Tsadok Goldtooth mini

Tsadok Goldtooth mini

And here’s the link to art the mini is based on: Tsadok on Obsidian Portal. I prefer the mini, all things considered. In fact, the art is pretty crappy. I like the coat (although I think the bell cuffs would look better as bell gauntlets), the breastplate and the weapons. I found him quite inspiring, even though I’m not really going to focus on pirates. Sure, you can play and write pirate stories in the StarSea, but my focus has been on philosophy, and I’m going to stick to that for now.

In those few hours at the FLGS, I’ve managed to rewrite my definition of magic in such a way that I can explain the mechanics of Corruption. I realized that if I make spell difficulties a little higher, players can be tempted to use Corruption to accomplish more difficult spells. Stress to a new track can be levied, similar to the magic rules of the Voidcallers in the FATE System Toolkit: the difference between the roll and the difficulty becomes stress, and the spell is successful, if the character chooses to invoke the World Aspect related to Corruption. If the character doesn’t have the stress to take the hit to his morality, he gains a consequence. If he does not repent his sins (i.e. do what’s necessary to “heal the stress track”), he becomes a corrupted villain in the GMs control. He can also take stress from doing things that display callousness or excessive hubris, for which I’ll need guidelines. The only other thing I need is a seduction system, or at least some hints for seducing the players.

I’ve also been trying to hammer out the astrography (I made that one up) and the path the Ür have taken through the StarSea, so I can determine how the races have been encountered and potentially enslaved and modified before being distributed throughout the StarSea. That seems like a lot of extraneous detail, but I feel that I need it, whether the readers ever see it or not. I feel I need it because I have a couple of race ideas that may have been modified by the Ür, or maybe even created by them.

Finally, I picked up the Cubicle7 Anglerre books in PDF format from DriveThruRPG before the license ended. There are a lot of good ideas, but I’m not sure I want to include as much rule and world creation writing as is in those books. I may refer GMs to those books if they want more info. However, there are some ideas in there I may incorporate myself. I have read through them thoroughly, as they’re pretty long, but a flip-through was enlightening.

The Boy hasn’t requested us to play his game, so I have written anything about it. I have a feeling that Kindle games have taken the place of that game, and I am totally cool with that. I think I need to discuss it with him before I totally drop it, though.

That’s all I really have at this time. Later.


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I'm an experienced table top gamer with an open mind to new game systems. I'm looking to explore ideas I've got. Some are pretty meta, some are pretty mundane. Welcome to my world.

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