“And boy, am I tired…”

That old punchline is a good description of where I’m at right now. Last week was hard, and the weekend wasn’t any easier. I worked a lot last week, getting nearly 30 hours. Usually, I float around 20 hours, so you can see I’m busy. I got in a few hours to type, and managed to complete the first of my old notepads, and this morning I got the images digitized as well, with the help of my iPad.

This weekend was the Crazy Squirrel Free RPG Day MiniCon, which I attended for a couple of events. The MiniCon happened to sync up with my usual weekend for D&D for Kids, an event I run to introduce kids to D&D (I currently use 4e, and will continue to do so, with the management’s approval). One of the Wednesday Night Pathfinder guys had asked me a few weeks ago about bringing his boy to a game. What he really did was end up bringing five new kids to the game, giving me a table with NINE kids! The kids were fine though (mostly being girls, who always tend to have better social skills than boys); what exhausted me was the heat. I seemed to be in a area dead to the AC, and the heavy decal on the back of the shirt had me sweating like a pig. I started increasing my fluid intake, and started increasing my pacing just a bit, as nine kids skewed heavily towards newbies is a little like herding cats. After the game ended, I got some Gatorade and went on to our home game, but by 11pm, I was exhausted. Yesterday, I got roped into chauffeuring my mother around in the warm weather, and spent today finally relaxing.

Now, another thing I did at the MiniCon (which no doubt contributed to my later exhaustion) was play a game of FATE. Scott, the GM, was a champ for working me into the game late (I misread the announcements on timing). We were amnesiac supers, captured by alien invaders who needed to escape an invader spaceship. So, I got to see how the game plays.

One thing I think all of use missed as players was the variety of actions our characters could execute. Only rarely did we choose to create advantages for one another (or even ourselves), and I don’t think we ever truly overcame an obstacle, but I may be wrong. I think this is partially because I think we were all old hands at the table, used to D&D and other such games where a certain amount of independence is the norm. But Scott knows the game well, and kept our play running smoothly. I’m looking forward to getting more exposure to the system.

Well, it’s late, and I have work tomorrow. Later.


About docryder

I'm an experienced table top gamer with an open mind to new game systems. I'm looking to explore ideas I've got. Some are pretty meta, some are pretty mundane. Welcome to my world.

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