Took a week off…

Not much to report this week. I’ve more been watching my behavior than anything else. I had most of the week off, but I was spending it A) writing the last post, B) keeping a promise to help my friends’ kids clean their rooms, and C) trying to recover and catch up on other things that got left behind while I was dealing with other stuff, like work.

I did do one gaming experiment on LFR night (Wednesday). I’ve been playing a Tiefling Warlord/Wizard named Morthos. Morthos has never had the best of luck, never being able to execute his First Level Daily power successfully until 4th level, and then getting a critical hit and killing the foe so that the secondary effect didn’t take effect. He died and was raised, and I decided he came back dark, tainted by the Shadowfell. My rolls for him generally suck, and it’s gotten worse recently. It’s been truly frustrating that I couldn’t seem to roll consistently, unless it’s consistently under 10. From what little I could see, my rolls for him aren’t average. I mentioned this at one of our Afters sessions a few weeks ago, calling the character cursed. One of our players is a civil engineer, and pretty science-grounded, and he… disagreed. 🙂

We got to a break between adventures, and I decided to run a fighter I’d run before. Xarthal Gark is a half-orc great weaponmaster with a greataxe. His catch phrase could be “Don’t run; you’ll only die tired.” Lots of mark-and-chase powers, as well as a few blasts. Outside of getting a little ahead of his allies and getting hammered for it (about 60 points in the first round), Xarthal did well. My rolls are much better, consistently being closer to 10 than not. I got no crits the other night, but I also didn’t miss often, and when I did, I still did damage thanks to a couple of wise power choices. And unlike Morthos, with whom I change dice frequently throughout the night, I never changed dice. I switch dice after more than two rolls under 5, and I’ve had nights in which I’ve discarded all 7 of my d20s.

So, my conclusion is that Morthos is indeed “cursed.” I have no idea if it’s something about my ideology of the characters making me handle my dice differently or what. I’m going to finish this adventure with Xarthal, and may continue with him for a while. I know our paladin wants me to change back to Morthos immediately (I’m sure he thinks I step on his toes), But I’m sticking with the character for a little while. After this scenario, I’m not sure what I’ll do. Will I bring back Morthos, or will he fade into the shadows, never to be seen again? I’m not sure right now.

That’s about it. Like I sad before, I have little else to report. Later.


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I'm an experienced table top gamer with an open mind to new game systems. I'm looking to explore ideas I've got. Some are pretty meta, some are pretty mundane. Welcome to my world.

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