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Another skipped week

This time, I can’t say “oops!” I can only say I’ve been busy with work and it’s repercussions. As I mentioned last time, I’m exhausted most days and I fall asleep early. This is my work life right now.

For all that, I finally managed to get the fifteen pages of text I’d written in a notepad in August of last year retyped. I was on a tear that day. But like the work issues, I’ve mentioned that before.

I went back to my Living Forgotten Realms game the Wednesday after that last post. This new character works much better. My Hit/Miss ratio is much better, and I have a lot of interesting uses for my character’s powers, as bards are quite control oriented in 4e.

I’ve been reading a lot of articles on Fate, as well as finding some really nice play aids. I’ll have to rebuild them specifically for StarSea, but I can live with that. I used to do a lot of that sort of thing, but as time has gone by, I’ve done less and less. That so much of what we all used to do with character sheets and such has become online tools, etc., has left my skills in those arenas a little rusty.

I’ve also done some thinking on my history. As I’ve been doing that retyping, I’m coming to the conclusion that some of my history has some bugaboos in it that I really want to eliminate. Decisions I’m looking back on, especially in light of some of the other decisions I’ve made since, aren’t working for me any more. Just a little shoring up is needed.

I’ve also been giving the biology of the dragons some thought, and I think I’m going a route other than reptilian. Part of the reason is I’m looking for a twist on the traditional monster. Part of it is that I don’t necessarily want reptilian elves. Scales (as in skin covering) are likely going to stay part of the creatures, as there is a scaled mammal on Earth (the pangolin). And while I like the idea of four limbs and wings, I’m also toying with four limbs, including wings. Again, the battle between science and fantasy rages in my thinking.

This will be all for this go ’round. I’m struggling to stay focused. And focus is something I need, or I’ll let this project die. I’m trying to use the blog to keep me honest, and focused on completing this world, rather than ending up with another notebook full of stuff I didn’t complete, but that succumbed to my ADHD. Thanks for reading and helping with that. Later.


OOPS! Time off, Weeks Two and Three

So, last time I was commenting on my car being in for service (as that was when I did the bulk of the writing). Part of ADHD is being… forgetful. It’s more like you’re constantly distracted. There’s always a “Squirrel!” moment in the offing, and reminders are a big help. I have a reminder on both my iPad and my laptop, but both got shut off for whatever reason (my lack of response on the iPad, my clumsy response on the laptop). Soon, work and distractions caused me to end up delayed until I simply decided to put the entire post off.

Since then… well, let’s see…

Most days I’ve worked have been 10 hour days, followed by nights falling asleep in my armchair. I think a lot of people don’t realize how exhausting driving all day can be. Especially when you’re the chase driver, the guy who follows and picks up everyone once they get the car to where it’s supposed to be. The Chase drives all day, unless they trade off with someone else, and usually, we don’t do that.

On October 2nd, I went by a bookstore owned by an old Ren Faire friend. I walked out with quite a load of books, that you can see below.

Book Nook Haul

About half those books are replacements or books specifically purchased to suck up the wear and tear for re-readings. The Corum book is a replacement for my old paperback, which has been through sufficient exposure that the pages and spine are so stiff, I’m afraid to open it up and have it start falling apart.

I’ve been reading The Dragon in the Sword, a Moorcock book about John Daker/Erekosë that I had never seen before, even though it was written in 1986. So far, it’s been entertaining, if a little slow. I’m looking forward to reading The Star Wars, which is based on Lucas’ original script for Star Wars: A New Hope. I bought the final book, A Natural History of Dragons for the artwork therein. I’m a fan of Todd Lockwood, and he did the cover as well as the interior pieces. I’ll likely start only reading the first chapter, as the back cover doesn’t inspire me much.

Last weekend, I had a little scare with my car after going to see a friend from The Camarilla. As I was leaving, I was speaking with another old friend and remote started the car a couple of times while we talked. Once I finally got in, my “Check Engine” light came on. There was nothing I could do about it, but I couldn’t hear any unusual noises as it ran, so I carried on. The only thing I noticed was that the remote was acting strangely, not locking or starting the car correctly. After a couple of other stops though, the remote started acting normally, and the engine light went out. Seems like some kind of intermittent error created by using the remote so often.

This week has been more of the same, with very little work on the StarSea. I’ve had random thoughts about rules and such here and there, and a couple of brief thoughts on how the world works, but little else. In fact, more of my time right now has been spent re-jiggering my new LFR character than the StarSea. I’ve got my items picked, and I went through and tweaked some powers and feats for efficiency, and selected all my rituals that I think are appropriate for the character. And today, I got together the pieces for my mini, a little bit of a kit-bash based on some WFB High Elves.

Well, it’s getting late, and I need to be to work in the morning, so I need to wrap this up. Later.