NaBloPoMo 2014 – Entry 25 – Life Slaps You Sometimes

Last night, I finally finished The Dragon In The Sword, and was mightily disappointed. I forgot that by the point this book was published (1986), it seems Mr. Moorcock had come to the conclusion that his fans were detached from reality. Both this novel and another I’d read about the same time (The War Hound and the World’s Pain) included a none too subtle message at the end that these characters exist in fantasy worlds and that real life should be embraced. War Hound was particularly blunt with this message.

It seems odd to me that a man who’d made his living off of people buying his fantastic stories should admonish his readers to basically not buy his books. Considering that he wrote more novels of Elric over the years, the warnings seem disingenuous. Admittedly, it seems John Daker (AKA Erekosë) is Michael Moorcock (same birth year, same birth city, etc.), but I still was disappointed that the end of this book contradicts material about the same character (his reunion with his lost love and their demise is detailed in another novel). It more seems he’s dealing with his own issues, especially as Daker is said to be married in the first novel, and then talks about finding his lost love on our Earth, ignoring that marriage even exists. I am aware that Moorcock divorced at some point, so maybe this is a hint of his personal life. Either way, I pretty much hated the end of the series. That won’t stop me from reading others by him, but I’m not happy with this book, and I ready to move on to something else.

While driving today, I was listening to the Satyrsphere, and one of the Mystery Musicals had me sobbing and crying to the point I could hardly see. I was blown away by how many different levels this song hit me, both good and bad. I see myself in this song, although after my reaction today, I think it will be a while before I listen to it again. I hope you enjoy Fight the Dragons from Big Fish the Musical:

That’s it for tonight. I drive again tomorrow. I’m hoping for a LFR tomorrow night, but I’m not holding my breath. Here’s hoping for a good day. Later.



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