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So, if you started reading this blog during NaBloPoMo, you may not realize that I actually try to stick to a weekly schedule for my blog posting. In large part, this is because I’m ADHD; I need to maintain a schedule. So, that means I save up a weeks worth of stuff and infodump. Because otherwise, I don’t feel I have enough content to be worth the time to post on a daily basis. So there you go.

Earlier this week, my sister got out a copy of Office Space, a movie I’d been pointed towards but never seen. So, we watched it. I finally now understand a lot of folks comments at the various large corporations I’d worked for in the early 2000s. “Um… Yeah, I’m gonna need you to come in tomorrow…”

I also saw Maleficent this week. A nice twist on making the villain the hero, without making them a heroic sort. Great effects, too. Quite an enjoyable flick.

I did something today I don’t know if I’ve ever done before: I destroyed a couple of RPG books.

That’s a major thing for me, but I did it because I’d replaced the books. Paizo Publishing had a big sale in October, and I got nine books for no more than $2.00 each. They finally arrived this week on Wednesday before my LFR game. Three of those were replacements water damaged books for an old TSR system called Amazing Engine. It was a unique set of rules in that players created a “player sheet,” which was a core from which characters in any setting could be created. As you played, not only would your current character advance, but so could the player base, so that your starting character in a new campaign could start at higher skill levels than a previous character.

The books in question (that were destroyed) were a setting book and the System Guide, the book that covered the basic rules and the player core information. The rules in that book (which was very over-priced for its time) were soon incorporated into the later setting books, so I could afford to just toss it.

The setting book was Once and Future King, a futuristic version of the Arthurian legends in which technology replaces magic. I went through to old copy and cut out the pages that some cool art or concepts (including the front cover), and through the rest away. Again, as I have a new, still-in-the-shrink-wrap volume, I could afford to destroy the old one.

O&FK is another influence on the StarSea, but to a lesser extent than some others. It was more in the back of my mind as I’ve worked than the front. However, I’m going to look at it again and see what I can mine out of it for some direction on the society that my knights live in.

Just as a note, I did get photos of my “beard” before I shaved it off Monday, but I have yet to get them from my iPad to my Mac so I can edit them. My Macs are old and not capable of connecting to iCloud at this point, so I’m not having a little trouble at this point. But maybe in the near future, you’ll all be able to see how poorly my beard grows.

A chunk of this week has also consisted of Mom issues. She’s been behaving a little differently than when we sent her to the hospital. I’m honestly wondering if she’s not slipping into dementia. She’s been a little surly lately, and her hearing is getting worse. She’s also having trouble getting around, and while a physical therapist has come out and will be coming out on a weekly basis, we’re thinking she needs more than that, and we’re going to try to arrange for that this week.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for this week. Later.







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I'm an experienced table top gamer with an open mind to new game systems. I'm looking to explore ideas I've got. Some are pretty meta, some are pretty mundane. Welcome to my world.

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