Holiday Haze

It’s been a while. Things have been hectic, and I’ve found a new distraction. Yay.

I’ve been working quite a bit. Usually, I’ve only been off one day a week. Most weeks, that day off has involved Christmas shopping and errands related thereto, focusing on my mother’s physical therapists and her therapy, but also a little bit of gaming has. And then there’s EA’s new SimCity BuiltIt, an iOS game that I fell into last weekend. Truth be told, that was why I didn’t take the time to make this post. I obsessed over the game for quite a while last weekend. I’ve cut back since, only checking progress every hour or so. It’s basically a farming game, harvesting resources used to make a more robust city that requires more resources, etc. I’ve enjoyed it, but as I said, I’m finding ways to pull away from it.

I kept forgetting the other movie I’d seen a few weeks ago was X-Men: Days of Future Past. It was a pretty well done integration of that comic plotline into the movie franchises. Lots of good special effects and interesting character choices. I had really balked at X-Men: First Class, but once I unclenched, I enjoyed that one, and I had no misgivings with Future Past. An enjoyable flick.

After my last post, I got a response on Facebook from my High School friend, Eric:

re: characters devolving. Is there a reverse for this? If regular humans become Orcs under a negative stimulus, then is there a positive stimulus? What happens under it? Perhaps you’ve already worked this out, but I thought it might be interesting to have a surprising positive path to follow for your game.

No, the effects of Corruption are permanent, but to fall requires a couple of things. Most groups have some form of counseling. The Psionics are probably the best at it, as I want them to have certain edges in the setting, although I may give that honor to the Divines. The Arcanists are probably the worst at it. Counseling will be the method of “healing the moral damage”caused by Corruption. Morality therefore exists as a bulwark against Corruption, and the Wyrd rewards morality with power. Normal mortals who become orcs, et al, are those who live away from civilization and forget their connections to the rest of the People. That can include the poor and underprivileged in a city, especially as desperation sets in and immoral choices get made. It can also happen to other mortals, such as soldiers, who too closely embrace the seedier side of their profession, pirates without a code of honor, etc.

However, counseling should not be the version of Confession we so often see in Mafia fiction. The GM of a StarSea game will be recommended to punish repeated offenses of the some nature with a failure if counseling to work, to show the degradation of the soul. However, players whose characters continue to work towards redemption should receive it.

I’ve made this choice because I wanted an explanation for how certain humanoid monstrosities can appear in the setting in large numbers. It started with the undead (based mostly on the Pharon faction in a game called Vor the Maelstrom, but also the Necron of the 40K universe), but I realized it could easily be spread throughout the other groupings. As the leadership of a group become corrupted, they lead the lesser members of the society into moral weakness. A society without the leadership of  one of the Orders could easily exist without falling to Corruption, but they’d have to have strong leadership with a solid moral base of some sort. That does conversely mean that the Arcanists have a weak moral base, and that’s fine to me.

Well, it’s getting on, and I work tomorrow. I thank those who read and comment for your assistance. Your comments help me find direction and see the holes in my explanations of events.



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