I Thought This Was A Part-Time Job?

Yeah, I’ve been working a lot this week. And driving most of that time. Many of my co-workers are retirees, and they are taking winter vacations this month. So, I’m getting more hours and working more. When I’m working, I’m driving more, mainly because there are fewer people, so we’re all trying to get more stuff done with less downtime. So, when I’m at work, I’m working more.

Wednesday night, we got back to Living Forgotten Realms after the holidays. It never ceases to amaze me how many of the scenarios are written poorly. The current encounter had a huge map, but all of the monsters were placed close to the “player start area,” so the majority of the map is useless and no one can move around. In addition, all of the monsters with area attacks have the targets listed as enemies only. ALL of them. Cheesy, amateur writing.

Also, Wednesday night, I talked to one of the guys who was really enthusiastic about playing 5e. He was talking about the game he ran for his wife’s birthday. One of his big criticisms of 4e was how many dice we rolled for damage; he thought too many dice were being rolled. Then he commented that the high-level rogues were rolling 17d6 for backstab. I pointed the hypocrisy of this out to him, but he barely skipped a beat in reiterating how 5e works for his play style. Okay…

I have been listening to the D&D podcasts I’d missed from the past couple of years because I lost my iPod a couple of years ago, and the discussions of the 5e playtest are interesting. I’m just thinking about them from a designer’s point of view and how things will work for the StarSea.

Today, I sent out my final email as the DM of the CSGS “D&D for Kids” game. I decided to cut the game back to a closed game at the store. I’ve no doubt mentioned it here before, but the organization simply became a chore. After the Big Game (read more about that here), I had a lot of contacts who never contacted me again. That may have been because of the game in which I lost my cool (see here), but I feel that people should have let me know that, not simply cut off communication.

Whatever. It’s no longer my problem. I’ll keep running my kids’ game until I complete the adventure, and then maybe I’ll move on to something else.

I picked up a couple of other Pathfinder books. I know I mentioned last time picking up the core rulebook. And I think I mentioned picking up the Gamemastery book, which is mostly text and mostly about running games. I understand it’s full of some amazing advice, and it looks pretty good. Plus, both books were on the consignment racks, so they were cheaper than full price. This week, I also picked up the Ultimate Campaign book, which includes the improved Kingmaker realm rules, which looks great. Also, the downtime chapter looks wonderful.

I’ve also gotten back into reading the Burning Empires supplement book. I’ve only gotten about a third of the way through the book, but it’s giving me ideas for some things for the StarSea. Ideas about ships and classifications and how they should work.

I was reading some articles earlier today (that I had found earlier in the week) regarding an attempt by a gamer out there to convert AD&D Greyhawk to Fate. While I found these articles initially interesting, I soon came to the conclusion that I’m going in a very different direction, and his conversion is a little too precise for my tastes. I’m backing off from the D&D trappings quite a bit with the StarSea. Just the basic “power sources” and “party roles” ideas will have any real purchase at this point, as well as some traditional fantasy tropes. So, I’m going to keep working in that direction.


That’s about all I have for tonight/this week. Next weekend is my first run of the reborn D&D with Kids of 2015, and I need to prep for that this week. Hopefully I’ll have some good things to report.






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I'm an experienced table top gamer with an open mind to new game systems. I'm looking to explore ideas I've got. Some are pretty meta, some are pretty mundane. Welcome to my world.

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