Beware the Ides of March…

… for they are damned hot in Fresno. It was 91 degrees Fahrenheit here in the ‘No today. The house is still pretty warm as I write this, at 9:30PM. Add to this the cold I’m fighting (which is my body being stupid; more below), and today was a pretty miserable day. Well, it wasn’t that bad, but I’ll say I’m glad I didn’t get called to work tomorrow.

Thursday night, I aspirated something with dinner, probably my drink, and it left me with a tickle in my bronchial tubes. My body responded as if I was getting a cold. I’ve had head congestion, a little lung congestion, and a sore throat. I’ve been treating myself as if I’ve caught a cold to try to get over things faster. Hopefully, one more day of rest will kick this stupidity in the butt and I’ll be back to normal by Tuesday.

There was a fair amount of discussion on my Facebook page regarding what may be going on with the Fate game I run as an alternate to LFR. One of the first things we identified was DM trust. Until about Christmas last year, we had DM X, who is pretty trustworthy, but low role play. Since, we’ve had DM Y, who is a killer DM. The kind that will have the player’s opponents ignore attacks in favor of trying to kill a fallen hero. I’m a relative unknown to the players, so they don’t quite have the trust of me that may be necessary for the creation of workable aspects.

As well, there is my own inability to direct the players in how to create the “two-edged sword” style of aspects. Also, the PCs have too few aspects to have enough to fuel things properly. There is no defined world, which means there is nothing for the players to connect to for the creation of aspects. All of these things are hurting the flow of fate points.

So, I think I’m going to wrap up this scenario that I’ve been running, and them I’m going to use the A Spark In Fate Care booklet to create a world (with the players) and see what comes of it. I’m still not ready, in my own mind, to run something in the StarSea.

To be honest, I got to thinking about the StarSea and why I’m stalled out. I’m beginning to wonder if the codification of the setting is becoming a block. By codifying the setting, I’m eliminating some possible ideas. I’m saying “this thing doesn’t belong here.” And I wonder if part of me isn’t rebelling at that idea.

Honestly, I think I could run a play test now. I’m still missing a complete idea for my aggressive race (and what exactly races provide to characters), names for skills (and whether or not a couple of skills will be group skills or not), but largely I have most of the rules for the setting. Skill modes are set, the magic system is in place. The only thing I think I need to hammer out is whether or not I’ll be using some special rules for weapons and armor, so I can include lightsaber-like weapons. Eventually I’ll need ship-to-ship combat (which is really easily handled through the Fractal). There will still need to be some details as to player actions in ship combat, but that can wait. So I could still hit my deadline, if I could get back in focus on the setting.

My doubt in the rules comes at a somewhat convenient time, as I am so close to completion of the rules for play testing. “Convenient” in the “this is a prime time for doubt to torpedo the project” sort of way. Some of the podcasts I’ve been listening to are making me question how to publish the StarSea. Do I make it a free product? Do I stick it on DriveThru and hope for the best, as a complete unknown? Do I try to pitch it to Evil Hat (assuming I don’t try to move the setting to a different rules set)? Do I try to Kickstart it, again as an unknown? Do I want to take the role of publisher up?

In the meantime, I’ve been reading the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying system (which I mentioned last week), as well as working my way through the Yugi-Oh rules for the Boy. That one I’m finding I really don’t like. It’s very much an exceptions-based game, with the exceptions being on thousands of cards with super-fine print. The Boy seems to innately understand the tactics of the game (beyond just having played the game more than me), and I feel like I’m just not getting it. He’s already mastering the new decks we got Friday night, to the point he completely had me stymied in three rounds the other night. Part of that is my trying to play with cards I haven’t read yet, but part is not getting the game. I’m amazed by it’s complexity. I got pretty frustrated last night, and expressed it in a way I could see hurt the Boy’s feelings. He so wants something he can share with me and his friends. I rather want that, too. I’m just not sure I can hack this particular game.

I need to call it a night. I’ve barely been up 12 hours, and I’m already feeling ready for more sleep.






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