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Just Thinking

So, life continues as it does. Nothing to really report there.

On to thinkings on the StarSea. I’ve actually had some. ūüôā

I’m kinda doing some worldbuilding again in my head. First, I was thinking about the dwarves and gnomes, and how maybe I’ve got them misconceived a little. I’ve wanted to take Earth mythological concepts¬†for creatures in the StarSea and give them a twist.¬†Mythologically, dwarves are miners and masters of the forge. Gnomes, in contrast, are literally earth elementals (as per Paracelsus, an alchemist of ancient Europe). Currently, I have the dwarves as earth and wood elementals, and the gnomes as pixies and tricksters. While the trickster personality can work with anything, I’m thinking the elemental nature should be part of the gnomes more than dwarves. The pixie aspect is not one I was enthusiastic about (except having created a concept image I really liked).¬†If I go ahead and change the gnomes into elementals, that aspect of the dwarves will have to be changed. It a wyrd-technological setting, I think that focusing on the metallurgical aspects might be the way to go. These are largely my initial thoughts on the subject, and I likely need to do some more tinkering before I have these changes settled.

I’ve also been thinking about dragons and their anatomy. I’ve commented on how I want my creatures to have a logical anatomy (no muzzles on humanoids, no odd joints, chair-headed aliens, etc.). I want winged dragons, but I don’t want the wyvern-style creatures for dragons. That is, I want hexapodic dragons, not quadrapeds. The wings of dragons have to fit on their bodies and make sense with the rest of their skeletons and musculature. I just dug out my copy of Michael Whelan’s art book, Wonderworks, to see how he did the dragons of Pern, as there is a couple of different ways to do dragon wings out on the Internet. Some people swear by the wings in front of the forelegs, and some put the wings low on the back, down near where the kidneys would be on a human. A very few folks put the wings aligned with the forelegs, but if they do, they don’t seem to think anything of how the musculature for all four limbs work.

I’ve managed to get about 2/3rds of the way through the Fantasy AGE rulebook, getting into the GMs section, which seems to mostly be advice. I’m skimming that, as no one is ever a good enough GM to not learn more. I’m also starting to dig into the character creation stuff in the Cypher System, which is also largely skim-able. When I had for bed in a few minutes, I’ll see how much farther I can get.

That’s really all I have for now. Later.

So, where was I again?

That title is a riff on both the fact that I didn’t post last week and the fact that I actually have some memory holes over the past couple of weeks.

Last Sunday, I took The Kids to a baseball game. It was their last weekend before school started, and we’d managed to waste the summer without getting to a game. We finally coordinated a weekend as the last Sunday. I didn’t get home until late, and had to work Monday, so I didn’t even get to draft anything. We all had a good time, so maybe some time in the future we’ll do it again.

I got my physical copy of the Cypher System, but I haven’t gotten to really read much of it. I did do a page-by-page skim, and read the odd paragraph here and there. The upside is, it looks sufficiently like Numenera in writing that I don’t think I’ll need to do more than a more thorough skim of older rules, which will allow me to read it faster. I’m also not expecting to read all of the setting advice, as I’m creating such a fusion setting that I’m betting the printed advice will be of limited use to me.

In the¬†reading time I’ve gotten (mostly at work), I’ve focused on the PDF version of Fantasy AGE. I like the system (and I’ve enjoyed the Titangrave¬†liveplay series on Geek and Sundry immensely), but I’m not sure it will work for the StarSea. It is less open-ended than Fate, but I also feel that’s a good thing. It looks, though, like I’d have to create a fairly large amount of house rules to get the setting to work like I’d prefer. It’s not off the table yet.

Reading the basic AGE mechanics, as well as an article mixing the Apocalypse/Dungeon World system with Fate, the two mixed in my head, and I thought of another way that might help folk get used to the Fate Invocation/Compel mechanics. The idea is to mix dice colors of your Fate dice. One die is a different color, and that’s your “Stunt” die. If that die comes up “+”, the player can use a stunt or get the effect of a Fate Point. A “‚Äď” on the die results in a GM compel. This might be too easy, and success or failure might be used to determine if the Stunt Die is in effect. As players get used to this, the GM might ween the players off this and start using Fate Points instead. All of this is just an idea, and I don’t know if I’ll implement it. If you read this and you’re a Fate¬†GM introducing new players, feel free to give it a try.

Otherwise, I’ve been feeling I need to start creating a setting bible. I’ve been listening to D&D podcasts from back about 2012, just after the 5e playtests started. I’m only now getting to those as I got behind when I lost my iPod, and I had a lot of backlog to dig through. But there was a lot of talk about a Forgotten Realms setting bible, and it’s inspired me to do the same. I have a skeleton of same, and I think I need to start fleshing that out.

Thing is, I think things will start being delayed by my ramping my job hunt up again. Things have been going on at work I’m not happy with, so it’s time to get out, and the DMV job test is about to run out. In three years, I’ve had maybe three interviews that have led nowhere, so I’m thinking that line is exhausted and there’s no point in continuing to bark up that tree. I have no idea where I’ll go, but I can’t stay where I’m at much longer.

In fact, I need to get another application out to the DMV (I’ll keep responding to the interest letters I’m getting), so I think I’ll call this a post.


Nothing new under the Sun

So, again, not much going on. An emergency situation came up that’s requiring me to do a lot of yard work in short order. It leaves me drained, as it’s freaking hot locally. I’m not much in the mindset to think about much creative. However,¬†I’ve got a few ideas rumbling around my head, but nothing really new or complete.

I have been inspired to draw a little, but I’m just not getting the time to do anything display worthy. Just sketches, on my tablet, that are very incomplete.

That’s really about it. No lengthy discussions of ideas; just a guy trying to get a lot done in six weeks.