Will I ever get back to a regular schedule?

I swore to myself that I’d get this post done today, and by The Powers That Be, I will get something up. Every other time I’ve sat down with the laptop, I’ve gotten drowsy and crashed out within a few minutes. Hopefully, that won’t happen in the middle of the day, but I have been out doing yard work, and I’m kinda tired. But I’ll have something posted before I leave for my Thursday Night Game! I so swear!

While listening to my podcasts a few days back, I learned of Habitica, an online motivation RPG. The idea is to game-ify your life, earning in game rewards for accomplishing goals and changing bad habits. I think I need something like this. I’ve mentioned it to the Family, as I’d like to have others join me. I need something to help me focus on getting things done, and other things I’ve tried haven’t worked. The discussion in the podcast gave me the impression that this app is fun, rather than the tedium of the to-do apps I’ve tried. Hopefully, that will keep me focused.


A couple of weeks ago, out in social networking land (Google+, I think) someone posted up a link to a discussion on a gaming forum about using RADAR images of storms as templates for gaming maps. I took the idea and found some hurricane images that would work for a galaxy. Some of them even would provide me with political divisions.

On the other hand, I’ve wanted to have an ancient feel to maps and symbols. This is the interplanetary map that Monte Cook Games is doing for the new expansions for Numenera they’ve kickstarting right now:

I’ve thought about something like this as well. I just have no ideas for such a map. I’ve thought about using the Tree of Life, but I think the Tree of Life is a little limited, and doesn’t suggest politics or other geographical divisions. So, it’s still percolating through my mind what I’ll be doing for this map. And this mapping technique will also work for the worlds on the StarSea themselves.


I’ve recently be trying to rereading Michael Moorcock’s Mars/Michael Kane books. I’m not especially interested in rereading the Elric series (especially as it’s been expanded on since I read them so long ago), but I wanted to reread the Michael Kane series. I’m finding them nowhere near as good as I did so many years ago. I forgot how far they drift from the Burroughs John Carter books, while being obviously derived from them. Burroughs’ Mars is a desert world, in keeping with what we’ve observed of it from Earth. Moorcock’s Mars is in the distant past, one of the martians commenting that the Third World is only inhabited by giant reptiles. That’s fine (there’s supposed to be some time difference between Earth and Barsoom, too). However, Moorcock’s Mars is verdant and green… and blue and purple and so on. He quickly descends into his usually fantasy tropes, but I’m just not feeling it for these stories. It doesn’t jibe, for whatever reasons. I’ve been more entertained by the new fluff for the new version of the Warhammer Fantasy world(s). I’m finding that much more entertaining.


Last weekend, I borrowed a different keyboard for use with my iPad (which I really shouldn’t have done, as that unpaired it from the tablet it was supposed to be paired to, which had been a fight. I was bad, and I apologized). In doing so, I used it to start retyping notebooks again. It was good to make some progress on that front, as I want to get that completed and start using those books as a basis for the bible I’m creating for the StarSea. Another item to be added into the goals for Habitica.

So, I need to get some food in my belly before I head out for D&D tonight. I have successfully posted! Ha!




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I'm an experienced table top gamer with an open mind to new game systems. I'm looking to explore ideas I've got. Some are pretty meta, some are pretty mundane. Welcome to my world.

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