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Organizing my Organizations

Yes, another two week break in my posts. I’m not passionate about posting, and I’m easily distracted, so I’m not keeping to schedule. That’s the honesty of the situation. I just find other things to distract me from making posts.

So, looking at some of the Age of Sigmar (the new version of Warhammer Fantasy Battles) material inspired me to settle on a thing or two for the StarSea: Beginnings of the command structures of the Orders, and the government of the StarSea.

I’m not 100% certain of how the government of the StarSea will work, but the current thinking is a council of knights representing the “civilized” orders, with envoys from a number of Primal “tribe-nations”. The Council is probably not working very effectively in the setting, as the Arcane and the Divine Orders are in a state of cold war at the least, if not openly at hot war. This situation might be just what I want, as it does create a lot of good intrigue.

Each order has it’s grandmaster, who is the overall leader. He has his Castellan, a second in command, and his Knight-Herald, his emissary to the Council. Beneath them are the Chambermasters, chambers training knights to use their powers for different roles. Beneath the Chambermasters, each world will then have a governor-knight who is the local leader of the Order, and who sends his Knight-Herald to the Order’s homeworld, and potentially to the Council. The Lord-Governor has knights of different chambers beneath him, who contribute knights to form circles, the basic PC grouping. There would also be regional knight-commanders throughout each world with their own garrisons of knights and squires. The PCs, as independent troubleshooters, are outside of the regional command chain, but subservient to those knights in command of various regions. That would prevent PCs from having an excuse to depose any commander they feel they dislike. However, each commander is also required to host the PC circle, as required by the rules of hospitality. Really, those rules will simply make for more intrigue, as they commanders can treat the PCs pretty poorly, or pretty well, to flavor the PCs’ interactions with the world around them.

I picked up Dungeon World to read the sections on fronts and worldbuilding. I’m finding interesting little hints in this book that I’m enjoying. I also downloaded a mindmapping app for my tablet that I want to test out as a way to start mapping both the organization mentioned above, as well as the astrography of the StarSea. I’ll see if it’s worth my time.

Yesterday, I did some room cleaning and sorted through some old material. Some of it was not related to the worldbuilding I’m doing, but other stuff was something I needed to find. I was inspired in regards to vehicles as well as possibilities for some iconic characters, in the form of groups of SciFi and Fantasy characters I had created years ago that I can resurrect for the StarSea project.


That’s really all the applicable material that’s come out of the past couple of weeks. It’s about bedtime, so I really need to wrap this up. Later.


No Amazing Title This Week

Not really sure what I’m discussing tonight. I really don’t have anything gaming oriented to discuss. It’s been a slow week.

We finally got our clean up of the estate to a point where we let our young worker go. It’s now on me to finish getting the piles of grass out. I expect it will be the rest of the fall and winter, and maybe a little beyond that.

Work is a four-letter-word, and I need something else to pay my bills. I’m just not making enough.

I finally worked my way through the dragonborn book. Amazing how long it took to get through that book. It was basically an unpacking on a six-page article on Wizards website, and really kind of boring in that respect.

I flashed on the old 1e equipment list this morning as I was shower-thinking. Part of me missed the old equipment lists, feeling nostalgic for those days of buying hard leather boots versus soft leather boots… And then I swiftly got over that feeling, remembering that I eventually developed an “Adventurer’s Kit” of standard gear I’d buy for all my characters. I’m happier for more modern games and not keeping track of mountains of BS like that.

Yeah, that’s about all I’ve got for this week. I’m not real exciting this week.


Getting the itch again…

As this week has progressed, I’ve come to realize I really want to GM again. I’ve been listening to The Tome Show a lot, especially the Behind the DMs’ Screen episodes, which is three DMs discussing their games and giving each other advice and ideas. They’re the ones that have inspired me to try to run Madness at Gardmore Abbey, which if the kids don’t want to run it, I might do it with my Thursday night group as a short term game after our current campaign ends.

This has dovetailed with stuff going on in our home game. Therein, our DM has decided to use a storytelling technique I’ve found and used from the Critical Hit podcast. In this technique, part of the story is being told with alternate characters in the past or some other part of the setting. In our home game, I’m playing a dragonborn sorcerer from Abeir, the parallel world to the Forgotten RealmsToril. I’ve been doing some research into dragonborn (as there are a few light texts on them, and I stumbled across the stuff on Returned Abeir, a chunk of the world of Abeir now part of the Realms (or at least in 4e; I have no idea if this has been erased by the Sundering event that transitioned the Realms to 5e). Just looking at it inspired me to run a game there, as I tend to dislike the Realms.

On the other hand, I’ve also been thinking of running the Neverwinter season of Encounters for my home game, as I ran it before at CSGS for Encounters. As well, I’d want to continue using the Neverwinter book to run longer. I was impressed with the book and how it detailed enough material to go beyond just 10th level, as the book itself states.

This morning, in the shower, I was inspired again, but this one I put out to all of you who might read this blog and GM. I ran into someone at one of the hobby shops in town that sells gaming stuff. This particular player had fielded his Warhammer 40K Tyranid army during a D&D for Kids game a few months ago. The Tyranid are a biotech “species” who move from world to world, ingesting all life, adapting whatever genetics improve them, and moving on. My mind moved on into how this faction of beings could be incorporated into an RPG. In the games that include such creatures (the Zerg of Blizzard’s StarCraft and WH40K), they are pretty much nothing that can be negotiated with. The Bugs of Starship Troopers are similar creatures.

My idea was to incorporate similar ideas into a fantasy RPG. This could give a more unifying framework to the aberrant creatures of D&D as currently, through 4e, the only unifying element of the aberrants is that they are from the Far Realms. Something like this gives them a more coherent set of goals. The idea could also be the machinations of some creature like Kyuss or Lolth, if she decides to forego the drow and instead rely on insects. Either way, the invaders are rapacious, destroying everything in their path. Beyond that, the idea is very sketchy. I didn’t really get time to think it through beyond that. Just a unifying theme for a campaign.

Even though I haven’t mentioned the StarSea, it’s not far from my mind in all of this. I’ve been thinking about the place of the Orders in the setting (Are they rulers? Are they law enforcement? Are they something else?), as well as other things, like technology and economics. I sometimes wonder if I’m thinking too much about all of this, but I want a solid setting with a lot of verisimilitude.

Well, that’s pretty much all I’ve got for this week. I’m out for this week. Later.