NaBloPoMo 2015 – Entry 18 – Finally, getting to the Ophidians

So, I’ve written a lot about the path I took towards getting to the basics of the StarSea setting. However, there was another item I wanted to discuss. Somewhere in all the other stuff, one of the guys let me look through some of his Ultima computer game stuff. He played through a lot of the later games, and had the boxes out at some point. Many of them had art by Denis Loubet (whose art I love and just spent half an hour looking at 🙂 ), which is what I was looking for. However, I found the pages that expressed the Ophidian Virtues. I was so interested in this idea (that intellectual virtues have to exist in balance or you get vices) that they stuck in my mind (especially “Logic without Emotion begets Ruthlessness”, as it was originally presented). I recall an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation that focused on that idea, as Data added other engrams from historical folks to his programming. He becomes quite ruthless throughout the episode, and is eventually shaken out of it. These ideas have been stuck in my head a long time.

Other ideas that have remained along the same lines have been the Ancient Grecian ideas of hubris and hospitality, Lord Acton’s Principle (“Power corrupts…”), modern morality and it’s classification (which I discussed some time back), the Storyteller Systems and their morality systems, as well as faith in general. I don’t much consider myself very faithful, so those with such conviction are very interesting to me. I think that was part of what attracted me to M:tA, which is strongly based on the mages’ conviction to his personal magic system.

So these influences are affecting my story ideas and world building. I’ve been thinking on these concepts a lot lately as my mind has wandered on the StarSea. The Orders are based completely on faith and belief. And it’s those beliefs that make me question: Can a warlock who is bargaining with demons be heroic at all? That’s a question I believe I must answer before I publish (even if that’s only amongst my friends), to make sure the world is believable to the players. I can only hope that, should I publish, others will be interested in my explorations of faith and belief.

Well, I’ve run out of steam now. I’ve got a game tomorrow night, so unless tomorrow at work is particularly slow, I’ll likely be fumbling to make a post in the evening. We’ll find out…



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I'm an experienced table top gamer with an open mind to new game systems. I'm looking to explore ideas I've got. Some are pretty meta, some are pretty mundane. Welcome to my world.

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