NaBloPoMo 2015 – Entry 22 – More Gaming Frustration?

I finally have had a day and evening in which I have plenty of time to write more than what amounts to a series of tweets.

Last night’s post I discussed being frustrated with my character in our current home game’s sideline scenario. This issue with my character might not be the only source of my frustration. I’ll need to phrase this carefully, as one of my sources of frustration has recently joined Facebook and he may read this.

Our game includes two of the adult players’ children. I’ve mentioned them before, naming them as The Boy and The Girl, or The Kids. He’s 13 as of this summer, and she’s 10 as of about a month ago.

Last night was problematic with their behavior, and I’m not sure what the exact issue is. Both left the table at various times that resulted in game delays. Once was The Girl leaving in the middle of her turn to go to the bathroom. While coming back, she distracted herself with one of the cats. The Boy disappeared to the bathroom, and his dad had to take over his character while he was DMing. We do this on occasion, as we have a small group and expect the players present at the beginning of the night to be there through the rest of the evening, except the kids.

The Girl has left the game before, as has her brother, to go to bed, and this usually includes them waiting until the end of the round or the end of their turn before trotting off to bed, so one of the adults can take up the character for the missing player. Last night though, it was as if they forgot their gaming manners completely.

I’ve been wondering what’s going on for a few weeks now. The Boy has never been especially interested in the stories we adults tell, being more interested in combat. The Girl is pretty much the same, but she’s been showing more interest in story recently. Not a lot, but some. But both of their incidents of leaving the table last night was during combat, the stuff they claim to enjoy.

I’m beginning to wonder if the problem is 4e’s tactical combat. I’m wondering if that’s part of the problem I’m having with my store game as well. Although that may be a player who tries to make the game conform to his thinking rather than conform his thinking to the rules. Last night, I was distracted between rounds, and spent my time poking around at things on my laptop. I’ve been doing that a lot more lately, but doing theatre of the mind gaming the night we played Fantasy Age, we all stayed much more focused.

As far as my issues, I think I just need to be more aware of my own feelings of interest or boredom, and see what I can do about that without disrupting the game. I think the Kids and their parents and I need to discuss my feelings about how last night went down, and see if we can get the kids to be more expressive of their needs or boredom, again without being disruptive.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for tonight. Working tomorrow, so I need to call it a night as soon as I spam this out.



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