New Year’s Resolutions

Rather than discuss gaming, I’m going to discuss New Year’s Resolutions. I usually tell people “I resolve not to make any resolutions.” This year, though, I know I need to make one of the traditional resolutions.

I weighed myself a few weeks ago, and I came up 280 lbs. While I’m taller than most (around 6’1″), I’m also of a thinner build. I was happy at 190# back in the early ’90s. While I’d like to get back there, I know that’s a lot of work, and 90 lbs. in a year is doable, but probably unreasonable without medical monitoring.

I know what needs to happen. I need to get out and walk or exercise more. I need to eat a bit better. Both are just things I need to focus on for now. In a few weeks, I’m expecting to switch up from my flip phone to a smart phone (I plan on getting an iPhone, but who knows what will come of that). I plan on getting an app to monitor my movement and remind me to get off my tuchas. An app that will track steps per day would be good. I know my ADHD will work against me, which is why I’m going to need the apps eventually. My iPad is wireless only, or I’d do more with it now.

I never managed to get my friends interested in Habitica, and I even forgot about it myself until tonight as I’m writing this post. Using Habitica might be a way to motivate my day-to-day activities. I might also be able to use it to monitor my fuel intake. I don’t want to say “diet,” although it is a viable word; it’s just a word with a lot of baggage attached.

Food is also an issue. I know a lot of the last 15-20 lbs. I’ve gained has been because of what I eat at work, fast food. I don’t like carrying lunches, as they usually end up pretty nasty by the time we get to wherever we’re eating. So I’ve been eating a lot of fast food. I’ve tried to make better choices, but my batting average has been pretty hit-and-miss. I need to focus on being more hit than miss.

To not get discouraged, I’m not setting a goal. If all I lose in the next 360 days is five pounds, I’ve still succeeded. Every other person I’ve known who has set a specific goal always ends up discouraged when they can’t make it. I’m just looking to be less of me.

Now, contrary to what I mentioned before, a little about gaming. I’ve been focused for now on the Reincarnated campaign. One thing I’ve found myself doing is getting too deep into history and explanations of how the setting works. I don’t want to get into details, but I want to do a story of rebellion against an evil regime. My bad guys can’t be destroying to world wantonly, so they have to maintain some sort of infrastructure. I want the world to be reasonable, but I don’t want to overthink the setting. Again, like the Galactic Empire of Star Wars, the bad guys have to keep the cargo transports running.

Well, it’s that time. I’m tired, and I’m working tomorrow. So…



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I'm an experienced table top gamer with an open mind to new game systems. I'm looking to explore ideas I've got. Some are pretty meta, some are pretty mundane. Welcome to my world.

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