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Off Kilter

That’s the way life has been this week. Off kilter; out of whack.

Mom is back in the hospital, and surprisingly good with it. Probably because she was sleep deprived at the (physical) rehab center. She hated the food, the beds, and the roommate screamed in her sleep loud enough that she woke my nearly deaf mother. This created some drama Monday, as my mother, who has always been a more-or-less stoic doormat through a tantrum with my sister. Tuesday, we initiated discharge for her. Wednesday, the discharge agent at the rehab center called us with an extremely manipulative call trying to get us to keep our mother in rehab.

Thursday, Mom had another tantrum with someone at rehab, which Mom said was the discharge agent, but as we weren’t there and can’t trust Mom’s hearing, we have no idea. However, we also got a call from dialysis that her hemoglobin was critically low again, so off to the hospital again. However, at the suggestion of dialysis, we sent her to he other Community Hospital, where tomorrow she’ll finally have the final test we can get locally to figure out the cause of her hemoglobin issues. Her roommate is another groaner, but apparently nowhere near the volume of the last one. And because of insurance issues, the rehab center can’t hold her room, so we have an out for her going back.

This has been a major issue all week, as you can see. Hopefully, the test tomorrow will reveal something that can be fixed and we can get Mom home for a while. And we can get some peace for a while.

I’ve been reading a fan piece I found on the Dungeon World home page regarding how the game should played. It has gone a ways to confirm that one game I played was handled poorly by the DM. It might have been the large group, but his house rule certainly contributed. If not for the Tome Show podcasts referencing the Fronts system, I would have never looked farther into the game, one I’m now finding I like, and I’m willing to try out with my groups.

Otherwise, I haven’t done much work on anything. Again, I’m hoping the family life will stabilize and allow me to get my focus back.

I’m tired and am working in the morning, so I’ll shut it down for tonight. Later.



More of the Same.

Continuing certain themes from last time….

Mom is still not home, but she’s no longer in the hospital either. Thursday, we got her to a physical rehabilitation center, so she can recover her strength and the use of her leg. Hospitals suck in many respects, but especially in the respect that they keep you sitting in a bed your entire visit. When you’re old, like my mother, that’s bad. In the course of her last visit, her left leg has become stiff, especially one of the muscles in the thigh. She’s can’t get up and move easily right now.

She’s pissed that she couldn’t come home, and my sister and I aren’t very happy either. We’d like to have Mom home, but if she can’t move around by herself, we would have to be around with her all the time. So, PT it is.

In more pleasant news, I started re-reading Kobold’s Guide to World Building. I read it a couple of years ago when I was in the middle of working on the StarSea. As I started reading, I realized a number of mistakes I was making with the StarSea, such as trying to do too much and being too interested in too many details. I really wish I’d re-read it months ago. In fact, at this point, I want a paper copy rather than the electronic version I’ve been working with lately.

I’m working on making notes from it for the Reincarnated setting. The Guide has given me some ideas for filling in some of my details for creating the setting and keeping the creation process rolling.

That’s really all I’ve got worth discussing at this point, so I’m going to call it a night.



Hospitals and Shower Thoughts

My mother continues to be in the hospital. My sister was saying this morning that of the six weeks of the year 2016, my mother has spent only two weeks at home. Her hemoglobin has been up and down since about Christmas. She’s not in mortal danger, but the hospital is simply not able to figure out the source of one of her less pleasant symptoms. So, they have had her on a liquid diet as they unpleasant symptom would indicate a stomach bleed. Because of the foot issue from one of the last visits, she’s been favoring one leg, which is creating issues walking, so even if they release her soon, she’ll likely need a fair amount of physical therapy to recover proper use of her leg. This is all very stressful, and makes one wonder at the skill of her doctors.

They seem to be questioning that last one themselves, as they want to send her to Stanford for additional testing. However, she’s healthy enough that that would be an outpatient procedure rather than a hospital-to-hospital transfer. That would mean having to take time off work to take her up there. And more stress.

And through all of this, hospitals seem to not understand that the families of the people they serve have bills to pay, and employer goodwill to maintain. While my job is very flexible and I could get the time off easily, my pocketbook would suffer. My sister would have a harder time of it, as she has more difficulty getting time off. This may sound callous, but remember that her condition isn’t life threatening, at least at present. The whole experience is stressful though.

I have been thinking and tinkering with the new Reincarnated setting. I had some shower thoughts that resulted in me reworking and simplifying some of the history of the setting, which I think is a good thing, and probably a first for me. In fact, the writing flowed quite well, even if it was just note-writing. I need to turn some of what I wrote into timelines and other material, but I’m looking at things I like and think I can work with without over-complicating, as is my wont.

Something I think I’d like to do, but I realize creates a much more complex system, is to have multiple magic systems, each with a different feel. I think I discussed this once with the StarSea. Having different rules can create different feels to magic. However, there’s only one game I know of that uses three distinctly different magic systems based off the same base mechanic, and that’s RuneQuest, specifically the third edition, published by Avalon Hill, a wargame company. The three systems include Spirit or Battle Magic, which allows simple, low power effects useful in a fight, but not generally overwhelming, Rune or Divine Magic, which is generally more effective, but more costly, and Sorcery, which is time consuming, but creates large scale effects. All three systems use the BRP percentile system, but all have a very different feel. This is just a thought at this point, as I have no desire to move to RQ. It’s just an idea for differentiating the magic of the evil gods, from that of the good gods and the Fey.

I also started poking around on the Net looking for map ideas. I have some very specific desires for this world (the different environs for the different breeds of humans, arrival points for the Fey, and the focal point of the evil gods’ demesne) that I want to fit in. I’m not looking for a pre-drawn map, but rather for inspiration.

I was talking to a couple of friends, independently each, about game systems. Something I’ve noticed is how enthusiastic I was about Fate (and I still am, and I may use it for the Reincarnated campaign, with the Freeport book, or Mike Shea’s simple Dungeon of Fate rules), but analysis paralysis killed the game for me. On the other hand, I have yet to complete reading of any of the Cypher System games, even though they seem very solid systematically. I just can’t get enthusiastic about the game. Same with 13th Age, although I’ve heard so much good about it. I’ve been reading their SRD, and I’ve just stagnated, and I’m not motivated to continue to read. And as much as I hate the way Dungeon World is written, there’s something about it that is drawing me in. I’m picking up PDF extras and reading those with relish.

I think I’ve done enough for tonight. I need to be up in the morning. Later.


I Hate the New WP Interface

I’ve been avoiding using this new version of the interface for a while now, but they’ve caught up to my trick and now I’m being locked into this crap. Ugh. So, I’ll sally forth.

Last week was no better than the ones before. The file migration got hosed as I moved the laptops last Monday, so I ended up repeating the process. Tuesday morning, I was able to start determining which apps were going to work with the new OS, and that soaked up most of my day. Wednesday after work, I ended up having to go to the hospital again, as they did not determine the source of my mother’s hemoglobin issue. That was after going to see my uncle about a car issue I’m having.

Late Tuesday, I started the migration of the tablet items, but I kept having problems with the save file for one game. That one was a years work that I didn’t want to lose. I worked on that migration again Thursday until I came to the conclusion that I would never be able to get the file migrated, so I have to do something more or less manual, as the game in question (Terraria) allows you to make a cloud world, so Friday, the Boy and I moved all of my stuff from the old worlds I had created to a new world, from which I’ll be making a new base on the cloud world, so my work won’t be lost again.

In the meantime, I worked in a little reading of the Dungeon World rules, and little else. Now that things are stabilized, I’m trying to focus on Reincarnated again. There’s a lot less to do, as I’m not trying to create new elves and other critters. I’m just trying to come up with a suitable mythology and history of the world that makes sense and will tell the story I’m dreaming up.

So, that’s about all I’ve got for tonight. Just getting caught up and keep things together has become quite a hassle the past few weeks. Hopefully, things will now settle down, and I can get something fun done.