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So over Apple

Today has been a pretty shitty day, and it has erased all memory of anything I might have posted about today. My new laptop, that I’ve only had up and running for exactly two months, has developed a psychotic system problem that makes no sense, and I’m going to have to try to do a clean install, again.

My old laptop, which I’m using to write this, was frozen on January 26th. I took my new laptop to our D&D game last night, and it was working fine when I left. I got home and went to bed. When I started it up this morning, the Finder (Apple’s file system app) was failing to find any of my apps. Files are fine, but apps are all broken or missing. Trying to use the Finder to copy off my files failed, as it kept trying initiate an app that has nothing to do with copying files. So I had to set up an external drive to copy my files onto another external hard drive, so I can later create yet another drive to clean install the OS and restore from this computer, again.

Two months after upgrading from OS 10.6.8 to 10.11.2, and FIVE DAYS after upgrading to 10.11.4, and the system has crashed completely.

It used to be that Apple products “just worked.” In the past two months, I’ve had so many problems that I’m considering never buying another Apple product. Their products are becoming so convoluted that they’re impossible to use.

But right now, I can’t afford to go out and replace everything again after two months time. And I shouldn’t have to. But right now, Tim Cook and crew could go piss up a rope, as far as I’m concerned.



It’s Been A While…

Last I posted, I thought I’d have time to do some stuff while caring for my mother. Yeah, right. Taking care of an elderly person, especially when they have intestinal bugs is a full time job. Made even worse when they can’t get around well. There’s lots of clean up. And fetching and carrying. So, it becomes impossible to focus on anything for long.

Worse, after seeing all the cool stuff the other artist in my Thursday night game was finding on Pinterest, I signed up too, and spent a couple of nights running down those rabbit holes, AKA wasting time.

I’ve barely given two thoughts to the StarSea in the past few weeks, outside of finding images on Pinterest that are appropriate. I think that setting is going to be on vacation considerably longer than I had thought. I need something to prime that pump again before I’ll get back to it.

I haven’t really done much more mechanically with the Reincarnated setting, either. I’ve looked at a couple of small press games, but haven’t settled on anything yet. What I have settled on the idea that I want some level of tactical combat. The idea has crept into my head involves all the foes the PCs face being represented on the battlefield by miniatures from Games Workshop. This idea got started since part of my inspiration is Age of Sigmar. The idea of wererats as enemies, and thus the mythology of their status as a curse of the moon goddess, was inspired by having a collection of Skaven. So, I’ve been poking around for systems that include a tactical option that aren’t D&D, past or present. I mentioned Bare Bones Fantasy last post, and it allows for “multiclassing,” so it’s high on my list for now. The tactical rules for Fate in War of Ashes: Fate of Agaptus would be useful, but I don’t know how well the kids would handle the Fate System.

Otherwise, I’ve managed to find some other GW figures on sale at the local Hobby Town, and I’ve started building them and others in my collection. I’ve gotten a few evenings to build figures, and I’m hoping to keep it up. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy building minis.

That’s really all I’ve accumulated over the past few weeks. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get back to posting more regularly again.



Posting a day late because there was no pressure to have things posted last night. That’s because my mother is finally home, and I have to stay home with her for a week. Usually, I try to get the blog post done before Monday, since Monday is usually a working day. I fail a lot, but I try. That’s the plan. Now, all my plans are disrupted for a week or so.

I pretty much have an intro to the Reincarnated world. I need to find a better name for them, but that’s always a persistent problem for me. I already know I need to edit the intro, as I think it’s probably too long. I want to keep it under one page, and it so far only covers the history of the world up to the point the PCs die the first time.

Yeah, the first time. I’m going to use the magic of the reincarnation as a system of checks and balances. I got the idea from interviews with Keith Baker as he was discussing his new game, Phoenix: Dawn Command. In P:DC, the PCs are phoenixes, people who resurrect every time they die, which is also used as the leveling system. However, eventually the resurrection goes awry and the characters finally move on to their final rest. The quality of the character’s death determines how they advance, and the more meaningful the death, the better.

I like the idea of having limited numbers of resurrections for PCs, loathe as I am to kill PCs. I think having a system to encourage heroic death would be a good thing, while giving the PCs a reason not to throw themselves into stupid deaths is a good idea. What I plan on adding in is that the PCs suffer some derangements from their resurrections, eventually loosing their identities and becoming psychopathic, angelic killing machines.

I did finally finish Dungeon World and the attendant files. That’s the first game book I’ve finished reading cover to cover in a while. I’ve also been reading some of the setting books I got a while back from Bundle of Holding. Something clicked in my head that as it stands, my players will miss tactical combat. I will too, for that matter. Part of my plan has been to find a use for some minis I’ve purchased and didn’t know what to do with (the Skaven figures in the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Isle of Blood starter and the Khornate warriors in the Age of Sigmar starter), so I’d like something with a tactical system. I think one could be added to Dungeon World easily enough, although I also know that goes against the concept of the game.

I also want something that allows for easier multi-classing, which is rare in Dungeon World. I want my elven warrior-mages and such. That means either creating my own classes or manipulating the existing ones if I choose to use DW, or I go with another system. I got out Bare Bones Fantasy to look at, and it could work, as it gives me the things I want listed above. I have time to consider, and I might even do a few sessions in a number of different rules sets.

That’s all I’ve got for this week. I’ve got to be up for nursing duty in the morning.