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Yet Another “Nothing to Report” Post

Nothing’s really happened in the past couple of weeks. I’ve really been distracting myself with Pinterest and Facebook, along with some games. I had nothing to report last week, either. I’m making slow progress through 13th Age, although I’m not even trying to read it cover-to-cover. I think that may have contributed to my failures to complete Numenera and the Cypher System core rulebook. Most rulebooks are a bit of a slog for me anymore. It may be related to my ADHD, but it was never a problem in the past. Or maybe it’s just age, and I don’t mean I think I’m becoming addle-paited. Rather, I just don’t have the time or energy to devote the time to such dense books. I managed to read Dungeon World, even though I hated the writing, because the style was light and didn’t feel particularly dense. Same with Fantasy Age, which I also read cover-to-cover.

However, I also feel like I could be mildly depressed. I’ve been more temperamental than usual lately. Last week, we got a puppy, after having put one of our older dogs down at the end of Hellish Week. Some days, it’s fine. Today has been very trying. Puppies are worse than human infants or toddlers, as they at least have some ability to understand languages and finer emotions. Puppies? Not so much.

But there’s more than that. My mother’s failing health and manners, my sister’s stress that she radiates like a sun, the yard, the continuing weird impulses of fear and hesitation from the fire. I’m tired, a lot, regularly. It’s all getting to me.

So, while my Thursday night game is starting to discuss future games, and I’m suggesting running something, I’m not sure I’m really up for it right now. And I should probably let the group know that. However, once I’m there most weeks, I’m not feeling so bad. Well, mostly. We have one problem player who I’ve already sworn I’ll probably ask to not attend. His attitude has been horrible lately, and I don’t really think I want to deal with it if I run for this group.

Anyway, I’m tired and really don’t have a lot I want to discuss at this point. Later.


Week of Hell-Lite

Last week ended up being pretty rocky. Somewhat hellish, even. After the fire and my last post, we took my mother to the hospital again, as she’d been having bathroom issues since Friday. She was diagnosed with C-Diff again. On the upside, she was released the same day. The downside was I had to go retrieve her. Wednesday as pretty decent, as I worked. I was lead to believe I’d be off early, but I ended up finally checking out two hours later. Pay is great, but I was looking forward to getting out early. Thursday was okay until game time, but then I learned something else about technology that I didn’t know before: Group texts require your cellular data to be on. I usually leave mine off to keep usage down. So, I ended up sitting at the FLGS for an hour and a half because I didn’t realize that a text cancelling the game had been sent 24 hours previous. The week ended with having to put one of our dogs to sleep as she had advanced congestive heart failure. On top, Saturday morning, as I was leaving for the Kids D&D game I run, my laptop crashed on shut down, and my Launch Services crashed again, forcing me to run the script again.

The past couple of days have been better. I’ve started reading through 13th Age a bit, and a little other poking around. I did some thinking about the status symbols of the Raiders in the Reincarnated campaign, and I think I’ll be basing it on weapons and armor. A slave has no weapons, a freed man has a knife, a full warrior has an axe, an overseer has a whip, and powerful warriors have armor in addition to their weapons. This idea came from thinking about the economy the raiders might have substituted for a coinage system, core to civilization, which they would see as a sign of weakness. I need more than this, but it’s a start.

That’s really all I have time for tonight. I got involved in a long conversation on Facebook regarding how magic might change a medieval society, and got distracted from this, but it was a good conversation.


What a week…

So, I have my laptop fixed. It took all week, but I finally found a forum with the answers I needed.

First thing I did was backup my files. That took quite a while, as I have so many files locally. Then I scanned both my old laptop and the new one with Norton Antivirus. I followed that up with a Mac specific program called ClamXav. Norton proved what I paid for it (free app), but ClamXav found a couple of virii on each box, which I quarantined. However, that didn’t fix things. Each scan took a day or more, again because of the number of files I keep locally.

Ultimately, I did a search for the specific phrasing of the error, and found some forums that told me what I needed to know. Saturday night, while watching The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 (I haven’t seen any of the other movies, and I now don’t feel I need to), I managed to execute the cure, a command-line process kill, and fix things. Apparently, since they introduced OS 10.11, there has been an issue with the Launch Services commands. When LS croaks, it hoses the Applications and Utilities folders. The apps are still there, but the OS can’t find them. But the command-line Terminal is an app, so you have to trick the OS into showing you an app, and they’ll run. Apple seems to be aware of this problem, but doesn’t seem to be doing anything about correcting the problem. And after releasing an update that hosed USB ports, or something like that, I’m still in a state of lost faith where Apple is concerned.

I managed to start getting things back up and running yesterday before bed. Some of my apps were screwed up by this, like not showing icons and such. When I didn’t complete things by 1AM, I went to bed. About 2:30, I was awakened by my frantic sister. There was a fire in our side lot, and I became a firefighter in short order.

I’ve written quite a bit on my Facebook about it, and if you’re a friend, you can read that there. I’m fatigued of it, at this point, but I expect I’ll tell the stoies a couple of more times this week. Once at work (as I didn’t work today; thank you, dumb luck), once for my Thursday night crew, and once more Friday night with the kids.

Between all the other crap of last week, I read a little of 13th Age, as I’m getting to The Tome Show 13th Age episodes from last year’s GenCon. Just an option I’m considering for the Reincarnated campaign. Cypher is also in the running, but I’m really not very enthusiastic about that option.

But that’s all for this week. Even after a nap this afternoon, I’m thinking I’ll be in bed as early as possible. So…