Monthly Archives: July 2016

What to write, what to write…

I’m not in the best of moods, so take this for what you will.

I’m tired of the puppy. She just pissed on the brand new carpet with no warning that she needed out. I’m the only one that even tries to discipline her, and that work is constantly undone by the other members of the household. I’m tired of being responsible for animals I didn’t bring into the house.

While everyone else in the world has been on Pokemon Go, I decided to try out the older game by Niantic, Ingress.I was just looking for something entertaining to do while getting some exercise. The local players are jerks, and my entertainment has been spoiled. All of the younger folk at my Thursday night game are doing Pokemon Go, and there doesn’t seem to be the douchebaggery in that game, so I’m thinking of making the switch, even though I have zero interest in Pokemon Go.

I have no idea why I keep trusting in players on the Internet. Every game out there has it’s early adopters, and those folks seem to all be assholes who trample anyone new who joins. The social elements of these games are pretty anti-social.

I wonder why I bother to do this blog any more. I get five visits a post, and I haven’t had a comment in months. I’m really not enthusiastic about writing it, it’s feeling like a chore, or just a place to vent. That’s why I blew off making an entry last week.

Maybe it’s just my mood tonight. I could gripe about how work has been giving me very few hours, or any of a number of other things. Why bother?

I think I’m done for tonight. I wanted to get something up, and this isn’t really what I wanted, but obviously it’s stuff that I needed out.

Anyway, I’m done for now. Later.


Lessons In Staying Off The Internet

So, over the last couple of weeks, I’ve managed to find a way to keep from being distracted by the Internet. That’s basically by not using it and doing other things. Amazing, no? Now that I’ve gotten past the sarcastic remarks, I can get into a little bit of depth. I’m going to try to keep things short, as usual. we’ll see how that works out this time.

I started rewriting Adventurers!, adding in a few minor details from Dungeon World. With the way Adventurers! works, the partial success of DW won’t work in combat. It could make a nice addition to other skill use, but has no real function in combat, as A! uses the difference in attack and defense rolls to determine damage. Otherwise, I realized that most of the stuff I’d want to add from DW was non-combat associated (except the use of six stats instead of three). Makes the rewrite a bit simpler.

To accomplish all of this, I’m using 3″x5″ cards. I started with writing a card comparing the rules systems for each different segment of the game. One card for each attribute’s associated skills as well. At this point, I’ve focused purely on game systems that affect characters, mainly creation and combat, as well as advancement. Once I had the two different systems outlined, I started in on writing notes on the fusion between the systems. By that point, I’d already determined that DW wouldn’t have as much impact as I’d originally thought.

Additionally, I picked up and started reading Microscope. I was going to use it with the group to create the history of the subregions of the local area, but I don’t think the kids would click with it. The Boy likes to be silly, and I think the Girl would be bored with the game. I’d love to run it with a full set of adults.

That’s really all I feel the need to comment on tonight. I think I’ve managed to keep this short and simple.