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It’s Been a Month…

And I mean that in the “What a month it’s been” sort of way.

My personal life has pretty much overwhelmed my desire to do much of anything with gaming. I did a little tinkering with Adventurers! World (my codename for the game writing project at this point), but not enough to fill a thimble, really. I am thinking about replacing A!‘s Hero Point system with an experience point system more like the Cypher System‘s, which really just adds to the rules I was already heading towards. The idea is that XP can be used to buy re-rolls or bonuses to rolls. Really, that is simply combining two resources (as A! has hero points and experience points as separate pools), and I like the simplicity of that. I’d also add in GM Intrusions, because it’s such a brilliant way of manipulating the players and adding fun to the game and the story. A! also already has a fumble/critical system, but I think I’d expand it a little. The current system just uses snake eyes and boxcars, but I think I might expand it to all doubles.

Otherwise, I’ve been forcing my way through a book I found at one of the rental offices. It’s titled The Rule of Four by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason. It took 50 pages for the prologue to finally become part of the story, and seemed to pick up. About 100 pages in, I realized that the authors have no sense of time, as a lot is happening in a very small number of hours. They’ve gone across the Princeton┬ácampus and through the town of Princeton, including a couple of meals and meetings, all in about six hours. Kinda reminds me of our old Vampire the Masquerade games that would have multiple sessions occupying a single night from sundown to sunrise.

That’s all I really have. I don’t feel like getting into my personal stuff, partly because I’ve been covering it on Facebook and partly because there are some things I can’t get into on Facebook that connect to unresolved issues that I won’t discuss here until they are resolved.



A Little Better This Week

Still feeling a little chore adjacent doing a post, but I felt I wanted to, so I’m doing. Last week, I didn’t feel like it, so I didn’t. I think there’s going to be more whim and less scheduling to future posts. Except in November when I do NaBloPoMo.

Haven’t Pokemon Go‘d in a few days. The weather’s been horrible (around 108 degrees during the day), and the particulate content of the air, thanks to the many fires around the Central Valley, make it miserable to get out. My allergies get activated, and I’m afraid I’ll get another of my endless colds if I push myself too hard. It’s bad enough that I cough sympathetically to my mom’s coughing, I don’t need a consistent cough of my own.

I got to talking about the Reincarnated campaign the other night with one of my long-time friend’s (Rob, the Kids’ dad) about the economy of the Murder God’s followers. I’ve been trying to figure out how a huge band of killers who disdain civilization would maintain a society, and a lot of that hinges on economy. I knew I wanted the base of the society to be the enslaved, but I wondered how to things worked above that. Eventually, our discussion came to the idea that the Murder Cultists have established an economy of fear. Overseers keep the slaves terrorized, and take most of the slaves products, leaving them with sustenance-levels of products, and distribute the rest based on whoever has them bullied into service. Above that, lesser warriors move up the chain through assassination or die. Fear of their target is all that keeps them in line.

Limited amounts of weapons and armor are made. The armorers are part of the system, acknowledging that only the faithful deserve more equipment, and they prove their faith by murdering the weak. But killing those weaker than you only gets you their fear, and while fear has it’s uses, fear can’t buy you respect like killing someone above you can. Of course, the powerful are wary of their subordinates, but if the powerful truly fear their lessers, they are unworthy of their position and their lives.

That’s all I have for tonight. Later.