Playtest One – Complete

The trip to Morro Bay was fun. The ship was the San Salvador, the ship of the first European, Cabrillo, to set foot on the West Coast of the Americas, only 50 years after Columbus’s successful trip across the Atlantic. It was surprising how small the ships were at that time. She’s only about 100 feet long, and about 20 feet wide. In other words, a gaming style battle (or any of that crap you see in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies) would be horribly cramped. What still blows my mind is that they weren’t using a helm to steer the ship, but rather a tiller. They just muscled the rudder back and forth without any sort of pulley system to amplify the strength of the man steering the ship.

Morro Bay was also full of Pokemon Go! stops along the Embarcadero, as well as out to the Rock. I’ve pretty much stopped playing except on Thursdays, as the folks I play with like to walk around after the game, and Fridays and Saturdays, when the kids, their parents and I play. I’ve found it’s not working as a motivation for me to get out and walk around my neighborhood. My area is pretty dead because of sparse population and low income, which results in low cell activity, which results in low spawn rates. But walking the Embarcadero was fun, and we caught a lot of new Pokemon we don’t see locally.

I’m going to have to find some other entertainment if I’m going to continue to walk, and I have done nothing in that direction at this point.

I did complete my first set of playtests of my Adventurers! modifications. I’ve tried out the simplest modifications, and they work pretty well. Combat ran fewer rounds, and there was less bias toward one weapon over another. Although, I must admit, the sword-and-board fighter took two of the three battles, when before he took only one. It as the last round of testing that was the most telling, as both combatants were down to their last couple of hit points before the killing blow was struck by the shieldbearer. I consider that balanced.

As I wrote previously, I’m completely discarding the Dungeon World combat rules, and I need to rethink my Cypher inspired rules a bit. My initial thought had been that everything would have a simple rating that would set all difficulties related to the opposition, and that would be a straight target number. With a die span of 2-12 with modifiers between -1 and +5, an odd span of numbers (1 to 17) is created. It doesn’t feel natural.

Pulling in more of Cypher could work, with Threat Ratings of 1 to 6 multiplied by 3 to determine the Target Number. Sadly, the lowest levels in each system aren’t especially difficult in either case. But thinking about it, a 6+ isn’t that easy for rolls with a low bonus. However, the big problem mathematically is that 18 is impossible to hit, unless I include other bonuses in the system. The big problem otherwise is the amount of derivation this system includes. It’s a direct rip off of the Cypher System, and that bugs me. Needs more thought.

Why I want to do something like this is to make threat creation easy. I mentioned this before. Both A! and DW are completely opaque in this regard, which I also mentioned before. (Does a little research in DW…) I was wrong about DW: It has a pretty open Monster Creation system. I just don’t care for it, just as I don’t care for a lot of the writing in that game. For a “quick” system, it seems awfully time consuming.


Yeah, more thinking.

I think I’m going to let things go there. I’m out of steam for this entry. I need to do some thinking on how to define threats.



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