NaBloPoMo 2016-02

Day 2, and I remembered to post! Yay!

So, Monday as she got up, Mom had a seizure. Only a week after getting home from the hospital, she had to go back. It looked like a Grand Mal, but we were really concerned that it might be a stroke. However, it seems to not be the case, or if it was a stroke, it seems to have left no damage. It looks more like the seizure may have been induced by an electrolyte imbalance. Whatever the source, there was talk of doing a spinal tap (which has now been delayed a third day), and she was given an EEG last night as I was leaving the hospital. I didn’t go visit her today, but I expect to spend a good deal of the day there tomorrow.

I realized today that, after complaining it would take too much effort to fix other games, I’m rewriting a game. Obviously, I’m insane. 🙂

I scanned through the Adventurers! Revised again, making some notes as to general editing (for example, the Gear Chart, which includes the weapon descriptors and Encumbrance chart, are mentioned in the middle of the game, but are basically separate from the Players’ Guide, unlike the older edition; it seems like clumsy editing) as well as ideas for my version of the system.

I need to sit down and write out some of the stuff I’ve worked out at present. I’ve got copious notes, but I need to get these notes finalized and on 3x5s. That’s what I’m using to keep myself and my writing brief. However, I’m expecting the final version to be about 16 pages. However, 8 might be more realistic. I’ll see once I’ve actually worked my way through all the subsystems.

All for today. Later.


About docryder

I'm an experienced table top gamer with an open mind to new game systems. I'm looking to explore ideas I've got. Some are pretty meta, some are pretty mundane. Welcome to my world.

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