NaBloPoMo 2016-18, 19, 20

Friday was work, a brief stop at HTU, and then pizza and Star Trek Beyond at the Framily’s. I also learned one of our neighbors died, this week. Let me quote myself from Facebook:

Years ago, the young man across the street was up in Yosemite with his friends. He fell from a considerable height that day, fracturing his upper spine and becoming a quadriplegic. His life was altered forever.

Danny made the best of it. He loved motorcycles, but being unable to ride anymore, so he created on his parents’ land (that he inherited once they passed) a museum for flat-track racing memorabilia. Small donations and an event every May helped support him over the years. He was a good friend to Dad and was the one who noticed Dad’s hadn’t been coming or going when he fell ill before his death, and let us use the museum for Dad’s memorial service.

Over the past few months, diabetes, bladder cancer, and other issues related to his paralysis wore away at his body. A few weeks ago, I came home late to see an ambulance at Danny’s place. He never came home.

Danny died this week. Danny was the unofficial one-man neighborhood watch. He spent good chunks of the day (when it wasn’t rainy) out in front of the museum, and those rare rainy days in it. It is truly strange to think he won’t be out there, keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

Rest In Peace, Danny Rouitt.

My sister told me while I was at HTU, but when I wrote this, my emotions got to me. Star Trek was a much needed relief. The first trailer had us questioning where they were going with things, as it looked like a Vin Diesel action movie, not a Star Trek movie. But the writers delivered a nice, nuanced story (although I knew the big reveal ahead of time, as I’d seen some interviews back when it was out in the theatres), with the right balance of humor, action and thoughtfulness to make it a nice ride. I think they’ve been taking notes from Marvel.

Yesterday was pretty boring, with a lot of sitting and waiting to go visit Mom so we could tell her about Danny. He’d been an inspiration for her when she first went into renal failure, so we expected her to be very upset. she took the news very well, saying she’d noticed she hadn’t seen him when she was out for a long time. After that, I went over to the Framily’s and hung out. After dinner, we went to Target and picked up some stuff, and then sat and watched talk shows until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. I finally woke up and got myself awake enough to drive just about the Boy and his dad got home from a band event in Stockton (about two hours north of Fresno).

On the way home, I was listening to an interview with the creator of Murders & Acquisitions, and he mentioned that, as part of his mechanics, as a way of forcing his players to use his version of Fate Points, he built a point cap into his system. Once you are at full, you can’t gain more. Like Fate Points and Cypher XP, they are meant as an immediately expendable resource. I’m not sure it is a great idea for my game, as you’ll need to accumulate points to actually improve in the long run, as I plan on using a multiplier. For example, to raise your character’s Strength from 2 to 3 might cost (current STR x 8 [not actual number]) 16 XP. If the player has a cap of 8, They won’t be able to raise their Strength (or anything else) and the game stagnates. It’s something to think about. I might just be something more appropriate for Fate and not relevant to my system.

Today has been short, including sleeping in (I got home and in bed around 3AM), another visit to Mom, and procrastinating on going to Costco to find out if I can replace my broken phone. I dropped it Thursday (face down into gravel) and cracked the screen. Not so bad I can’t still use it, but enough to be annoying. I just wanted a day of not running, to be honest.

So, I think I’m done for today. Later.

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I'm an experienced table top gamer with an open mind to new game systems. I'm looking to explore ideas I've got. Some are pretty meta, some are pretty mundane. Welcome to my world.

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