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NaBloPoMo 2016-15

Not much going on in the past few hours. I did manage to complete a number of items on my prep checklist for Titansgrave. I’m probably going to have to repeat the videos, though, and maybe the rules reviews.

Otherwise, I did some job hunting today. Online job applications are tedious. Endlessly repeating the same information, over and over, as every employer has different requirements of information formatting, each has their own set of questions for “personality screening,” etc. I really hate this way of doing things. I’d rather fill out a piece of paper and wait for an interview.

For a few weeks recently, on Pinterest I pinned a large number of resumé formats that looked interesting. I’ve since come to the conclusion that those are pointless, except as a way to organize data. Why bother with a visually appealing or eye catching resume when nobody takes in paper any more?

Outside of a visit with Mom (she’s doing well), there’s not much more to report. Mom was actually in the dining room when we arrived. It was nice they managed to get her out of her bed. But that’s about all I have to say on that.

So, I think I’m done for today. Later.

NaBloPoMo 2016-13, 14

Friday night, I picked up this:


The base is one piece, and the dragons and throne itself are separate pieces. I was thinking about magnetizing it for some flexibility, but I think I’ll use pins. I don’t think the base is thick enough to embed the magnets, and the holes for the pins won’t be a big distraction.

Yesterday, after visiting Mom at rehab, I went and hung out at Crazy Squirrel. There, I ran into a couple of acquaintances and got into a really entertaining discussion of gaming, especially what are usually referred to as “indie” games.

Today was pretty slow, mainly only visiting Mom as the highlight, and it really wasn’t much to comment on. She seems to be doing okay, but I could tell she’s not happy. She wants to be home, and I don’t blame her. But we need to be certain she can move around the house under her own power before she can come home.

That’s really all I have to discuss tonight. Later.

NaBloPoMo 2016-10,11,12

I probably should just admit to myself that I am not committed to doing NaBloPoMo this year. Between Mom, the election, and life, I think I’ve missed more days out of the past 12 than I’ve hit.

Thursday, the morning was spent job hunting. The afternoon was spent wrestling with the hospital and their glacial pace so we could get Mom to physical rehabilitation. In the evening, the Thursday night gang got together to discuss our next game, and it was determined I would run Titansgrave. I’ll just run it “out of the box,” so I’m not spending a lot of time with preparation.

Yesterday was just a wasted day. I didn’t work, but forgot that my framily would all be off. It worked out, as they spent the day preparing for a ren faire today. So, I spent the day at Hobby Town just hanging out. Actually had some political conversations about this recent election with people from the other side of the fence without it becoming a screaming match.

Today, I’ve been spending time with Mom, but she’s slept through all but a few minutes of that time. I’m in need of food, and I need to get planning to GM again. So, I’m going to draw the post to a close.


NaBloPoMo 2016-08/09

Yesterday, part of the day was spent at the hospital, part voting, and then spent last night watching the train wreck that was the election.

Today has been spent reading opinions on what happened with said election. I won’t discuss it further.

I will mention another one of those moments of awareness that I discussed a couple of posts ago. On the way back to town from Hayward, I could see the moon in the sky, and I had a flash on what I was really looking at; the surface of another world, one that is 250,000+ miles away. It’s truly amazing if you think about it. It shook me out of my funk and gave me a little personal perspective.


NaBloPoMo 2016-07

Worked out of Fresno after a rocky night of sleep. Mom got to moaning in pain once she got put to bed, but she wouldn’t fully awaken. So, I didn’t sleep well. Ultimately, once morning rolled around, Mom went back to the hospital, but will not be admitted. She is experiencing a mildly altered mental state, as well as some slurring of her speech, but the doctors can find nothing wrong with Mom. She is probably going to rehab for a while, though, and miss Election Day.

That’s really all I’ve got for today. Maybe more tomorrow.


NaBloPoMo 2016-06

No gaming today, except maybe tangentially. Since yesterday’s post, I dug up some old indie RPGs I wanted to gather in one place (and prepared to re-read a couple), slept, got up and spent some time with my brother, went to see Doctor Strange, had an early Thanksgiving dinner as the aforementioned brother is visiting to see our recently released-from-the-hospital mother, and now I’m doing laundry while watching America’s Funniest Home Videos.

While she was apparently good enough to be discharged, Mom looked unhealthy today. It may simply be because she doesn’t sleep well in the hospital, the legendary midnight awakenings and special bedding to help her sore bottom heal making sleep difficult for her. Hopefully she’ll be better in the morning. I think I’ve mentioned before that we know she likely doesn’t have more than a couple of years left, but how little is the question.

Doctor Strange was very entertaining, and pretty much the perfect homage to the original comics. It had the typical Marvel mix of drama and comedy, and was probably the most philosophical Marvel Cinematic Universe movie yet. As one of my friends who I went to the movie said, “I was afraid I’d want to play Mage [the Ascension] again after seeing this.” I’m sure he does, and I could see myself running something like this movie.

A few weeks (or months) ago, I read an article discussing how we don’t perceive every thing happening around us. Their idea was that we would be overwhelmed by all of the little things happening with every step or breath we take. Strange reminded me of the article, along with an odd sensation I’d had a couple of weeks ago. I was driving home one night, and had a moment of clarity in which I realized just what I was doing, driving a car. I became aware of my separateness from the car, the engine feeding power to the wheels, and that fragile me was controlling it all. It was empowering and terrifying all at the same time.

That’s all I can think of for today. I’m hoping tomorrow is an inspiring day, but we’ll have to see how tonight goes with Mom, and tomorrow I work (again, assuming Mom makes it through the night without issue.


NaBloPoMo 2016-05 – Missed Days

Yeah, I’m already falling behind.

Thursday, chores and my Thursday night game were the center of my world, although I did start rewriting the segments of my rules set to comply with my new systems. As I’ve said before, I really enjoy using the 3x5s to write on. It forces me to be brief.

Something I noticed while re-examining the A! Rev rules is that the writing seems rushed. That’s something I want to avoid, and I feel like I’m doing that as I write.

Yesterday, Friday from my point of view, I worked during the day, and in the evening there was more confusion originating with the hospital over Mom and when she was to leave the hospital. In fact, as of this writing, I’m not even sure she’s home still. With the confusion (as to whether or not I was going to pick Mom up from the hospital), I simply never settled in at HTU (where I go hang out after work until the Framily are free), and never even remembered the idea of posting. In the evening, we watched Bill Maher. Throughout the episode, the political discussions I had most of the day consumed my thoughts, and I still didn’t think about posting.

Most of today has been similar. Chores and casual reading consumed my morning, spending time with the family before our D&D game consumed the evening, and I honestly found myself looking at distractions rather than write this.

Tomorrow, we go to see Doctor Strange, and I hope to be able to get an entry in in the evening. I don’t think I’ll be distracted, but then again, I could be wrong.


NaBloPoMo 2016-02

Day 2, and I remembered to post! Yay!

So, Monday as she got up, Mom had a seizure. Only a week after getting home from the hospital, she had to go back. It looked like a Grand Mal, but we were really concerned that it might be a stroke. However, it seems to not be the case, or if it was a stroke, it seems to have left no damage. It looks more like the seizure may have been induced by an electrolyte imbalance. Whatever the source, there was talk of doing a spinal tap (which has now been delayed a third day), and she was given an EEG last night as I was leaving the hospital. I didn’t go visit her today, but I expect to spend a good deal of the day there tomorrow.

I realized today that, after complaining it would take too much effort to fix other games, I’m rewriting a game. Obviously, I’m insane. 🙂

I scanned through the Adventurers! Revised again, making some notes as to general editing (for example, the Gear Chart, which includes the weapon descriptors and Encumbrance chart, are mentioned in the middle of the game, but are basically separate from the Players’ Guide, unlike the older edition; it seems like clumsy editing) as well as ideas for my version of the system.

I need to sit down and write out some of the stuff I’ve worked out at present. I’ve got copious notes, but I need to get these notes finalized and on 3x5s. That’s what I’m using to keep myself and my writing brief. However, I’m expecting the final version to be about 16 pages. However, 8 might be more realistic. I’ll see once I’ve actually worked my way through all the subsystems.

All for today. Later.

NaBloPoMo 2016-1

I forgot this completely, so I’m making a late post.

More health issues with my Mom, but I’ll write more after work tomorrow. I need to be sleeping now. But the health issue helped me completely gaffe the idea that Monday was,the end of the month and today (Tuesday) was the first.

More. later.