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Nothing new under the Sun

So, again, not much going on. An emergency situation came up that’s requiring me to do a lot of yard work in short order. It leaves me drained, as it’s freaking hot locally. I’m not much in the mindset to think about much creative. However, I’ve got a few ideas rumbling around my head, but nothing really new or complete.

I have been inspired to draw a little, but I’m just not getting the time to do anything display worthy. Just sketches, on my tablet, that are very incomplete.

That’s really about it. No lengthy discussions of ideas; just a guy trying to get a lot done in six weeks.


Immanently Distractable

In lieu of a real post, I’m just throwing up some of my thoughts right now. I won’t be cross-posting this to Facebook or the other social media sites I normally do as I’m currently writing this on my tablet before bed.

Lately, I’m very distracted, and I know it, and I can’t seem to help myself. I become aware of it and try to stop myself, and that lasts for about ten minutes before I’m distracting myself again. I did it just moments ago.

I have an outline for a much better post about some movies I seen recently, as well as other media experiences I’ve had, and hopefully I’ll be able to focus soon and actually complete and post it.

Sorry I don’t have more. Later.

More of the Same

Nothing to report, really. While I worked nearly every day this week, they were short days for the most part. The biggest thing I learned was that I have a talent for ending up in a seat on the sunny side of the car, which is an issue with the iPad. Like the commercials for the Kindle with the really cute brunette at the poolside, iPads don’t work well in sunlight.

Not that I have done much of import. I’ve just continued to be distracted. About the only thing I’ve got going on in my head is a couple of concepts for characters. I do need to test character building in the StarSea setting, so that’s something. I have one Psionic, an infiltrator sort of character, and an Arcanist, a woman who will stop at nothing to accomplish her goals. I need more concepts for all the Orders, but this is a start. I just need to sit down and work out the ones I’ve got in mind currently.

I think I missed a distraction last week. I started buying the D&D Dice Masters game a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been picking up booster packs as well. So far, the kids have been beating me with the Yugi-Oh! Dice Masters set, but that’s because Blue Eyes White Dragon seems a little broken.

So, that’s it. Mainly, I wanted to get back on schedule. After goofing off until Tuesday, I wanted to get back to my Sunday night schedule. By next time, I’m going to have a couple of characters built and see what they look like. I might even post them here, if I can get them in a good format.

See you next week. Later.

NaBloPoMo 2014 – Entry 15 – More Nothing

Today has been a lot of nothing. Well, I did things, but nothing of particular note. Spent time with friends and their kids, watched Night At The Museum, an episode of Bill Maher and Castle. That’s it.

I’ve done some poking around the Internet, finding interesting images and wasting time. Again, nothing to really report on, just cluttering my hard drive.

Yeah, slow, quiet day.


NaBloPoMo 2014 – Entry 4 – Distracted by appliances

Friday night, our refrigerator stopped refrigerating. We called on the warranty immediately, and got someone out last night, rather late (7PM, late as something like that goes). He was in and out pretty fast, but he seemed to think he had fixed it, but it quickly became obvious that he just wanted to get out, as within an hour, we had it figured out that the “repairs” weren’t (repairs, that is). So we called in again today, and were told that, after their quick response this weekend, we would now have to wait over a week for another repair person! We’re hoping it will be sooner, but until that time, we have nothing we can store any amount of food in, so we’re shopping almost every night, as well as eating out throughout the day.

This was an especial distraction today, as I had to deal with related issues such as draining the cooler we’re using to store what little we can, going out for breakfast, going out for dinner, discussing the issue with my sister, etc.

Otherwise, after voting, I was pretty good at distracting myself. Just being mindless all day, after the irritation that was work. I’d post more, but I value my job, as anemic as it is. Suffice to say, things are being done that are… vexing.

And now I’m typing this, late again, while WP tries to figure out how to keep their servers running…

I’ve really bogged down again on the Moorcock book. I haven’t reading it in probably a week. It’s just not grabbing me, and I’m not sure why. It just seems very slow and more contrived than usual.

I did find the packaging for my “magnetic eye-glass holder,” which is called a “ReadeRest.” I may have to buy myself a new one. I know I had it on a particular shirt (an FLGS shirt) on Wednesday night, and it wasn’t on that same shirt when I wore it on Saturday for D&D4K. I seem to remember taking it off and putting it somewhere so I would remember it. (Daffy_Duck)”Oh! Irony! Aye-rhone-ee!”(/Daffy_Duck)

Well, it’s late, and WP seems to be having fits (or my laptop is), so I’m going to quit while I’m ahead. Later.

First iPad Post!

So, Thursday afternoon, I went into the local Apple Store and purchased the iPad Mini I could afford. 16 GB, wireless only. No add-ons yet. I simply couldn’t afford more. I’ve spent most of the past few days updating the OS, getting software, playing games, and just getting used to how the device works. I’ll be working on getting the stuff I’ve filled notepads with typed in and turned to an electronic format. I’d like to be able to put it into a database, but I haven’t found one for the iOS, yet.

I also completed the first four Hawkmoon books, which tell the complete the story of The War Against Granbretan. I realized that some of it is really poorly written. I noticed the truly sloppy clean-up of a poorly conceived character most, as well as the general lack of depth of all of the characters. The setting is rather interesting and would work well as a setting for Numenera, the all its weirdness.

I otherwise haven’t had much time (or more correctly, haven’t made much time) for work on the StarSea this week. A friend made an interesting comment on my Facebook post announcement from last week, but I haven’t been able to give it the thought it deserves.

So, I’m pretty much done for this week, so I’ll post this now and see how it looks. Later.

Realm Works Tutorial Video – Approaching Content Creation – YouTube

I kinda got to looking at videos about this program from seeing stuff about it on the Gamerati Facebook feed. I’d love to have something like this or Masterplan for the Mac. Sadly such a thing does not exist.

This video, in my opinion, is some great general advise for creating worlds and plots, not just in using this program, but even with just 3×5 cards.


▶ Realm Works Tutorial Video – Approaching Content Creation – YouTube.

What I did last week…

Yeah, I missed last week.

I saw something on the news a couple of weeks ago that reported that worrying about personal finances “drops a person’s IQ by as much as 30 points”, or some such. Basically, such worries preoccupy the mind, and keep a person from being able to concentrate on other things.

Well, work (or lack thereof) has been on my mind a lot lately. I’m getting fewer hours even though we just passed a holiday (which actually increases available work for me), and while we all recently got a raise, I’m barely making enough to get my basic bills paid. I’m trying to figure out how to raise the money I need to get past the middle of October (when my car’s registration and insurance are due) without robbing a bank (to be facetious). That means more job hunting (largely fruitlessly) and less daydreaming about the StarSea.

Because of this stress, I haven’t been thinking on the StarSea much. Before Labor Day, I firmed up my ideas on the nature of demons and gods and other metaphysical things. I also did some writing on the First Empire and it’s fall, which leads to the origins of the Undead.

Otherwise, my hardcopy of Numenera came in just before Labor Day, and I’ve been reading that slowly every night before bed. It’s my little bit of decompression at the end of the day.

eBay listings

First batch of stuff on eBay, far later than I wanted, but better late than never.

39 goblins + 9 hours = bad back

So, today I slammed out the goblins for Games Workshop‘s new The Hobbit tie-in game, Escape from Goblin Town. The only goblin I didn’t do was the Goblin Scribe. He’ll be done by someone else. I was part of a group of painters who are doing the minis for Crazy Squirrel Game Store, my FLGS.

My back is killing me, and I have a pretty ugly headache. I skipped lunch and had a pretty late dinner. I volunteered to do the goblins thinking they’d be something I could do quick and easy, but also expecting to have until the 15th. However, I learned after accepting the deal that they were needed by Saturday for demo games. So, I hammered them out. The bases need work, but others will handle that tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I think I’m going to go get a couple of acetominophan (sp?) pills and call it a night.