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Lacking time…

So, again, real life is kicking my ass. A couple of months ago, I started a temp job related to this time of year. My schedule has been flexing between very early morning and mid-morning, which has left me unable to schedule outside activities. Up until Easter, my hours were pretty sparse, but the last couple of weeks have reversed that, significantly. I’ve had no days off since Easter. In addition, I’ve been trying to get some job hunting during my off hours.

Also, I’ve had one of the articles I pitched WotC accepted. I’ve been trying to squeeze in writing that as well. The design space I’m working in has proven more difficult to work in than I expected (divine boons).

What’s more, I’ve only recently decided to truly grasp the idea that Facebook is a time sink. Only in the past couple of weeks have I actually disconnected from Facebook and Google+ in order to work on the above. Too many friends reporting on the things happening out there in the real world that just makes me crazy for me to get anything else done.

So, outside of this lousy set of excuses, I haven’t put much thought into this blog for the past couple of weeks. I’ve wanted to comment more on the ideas of RPGs as resource management, as well as the ideas of character balance as a means to everyone being in the spotlight.

The long and short is that I don’t have any pithy observations to post up here this week. Hopefully, I’ll pick up a job with steady, regular hours that will allow me some stability that will let me get back to posting here more regularly.

In the meantime, I found an interesting looking little RPG in the past few weeks. I like what this guy has done, and it’s something I’ve been considering myself. It’s the Radiance RPG, at I recommend going to their site and downloading the free PDFs.


While I don’t think this is something any DM wants to do a lot of, it is something to think about if you’re going to be doing much with languages. It’s an often forgotten aspect of world creation.

What's Next

Editor’s NoteDavid Peterson is the creator of the Dothraki language used in the HBO show ‘Game of Thrones.’ Peterson also is a member of the Language Creation Society.  A 30-minute profile of Peterson will air on CNN’s “The Next List on Sunday at 2 p.m. ET.

By David Peterson, Special to CNN

The work of a language creator is often regarded with skepticism. “What’s the big deal?” many ask. “All you have to do is make up words.” And, indeed, one could proceed as follows:

a = blork
abandon = glurg
abate = plurfle
abattoir = gluff

And so on until there was a unique form for every word in an English language dictionary (in fact, with a computer program, one could produce dozens of “languages” like this in a matter of minutes). And while the resultant language would look different from English, functionally and semantically, it would…

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